Get rid of cracks in the walls with a product you have at home: an incredible trick

The appearance of a crack on the wall of your house is a problem to be taken seriously. Do not wait for it to become more important to react. You must first know the cause and origin of its appearance before treating it. If the crack on the wall is not dangerous, you can overcome this inconvenience with a simple everyday ingredient.

To repair cracks on a wall without wasting your energy or your money, there is a natural and effective ingredient that you can use. We are going to share with you a trick that will give your wall a youthful look.

What is this miracle product that easily repairs cracks on the wall?

Problems of humidity or age of materials are often the cause of cracks on the wall. Especially since if you move furniture in your home or make changes to the decoration, you can unwittingly cause small cracks. To overcome this problem, you will find a solution in your bathroom that will allow you to achieve this in no time.

– Toothpaste to eliminate wall cracks

Dentifrice blanc

Dentifrice blanc

White toothpaste – Source: spm

A cracked wall can spoil the decoration of your interior and the harmony of your home. If you’ve recently noticed small cracks on your wall, take out your toothpaste to freshen it up. This product is not only useful for your oral hygiene but it can also fill the cracks on the wall. The toothpaste will be able to restore its initial appearance provided that it is white in color.

To start repairing your cracked walls with toothpaste, remove the residue from the crack using a microfiber cloth. Then, using a spatula, apply the toothpaste to the affected area and fill in the cracks. Leave to dry before renewing the operation if necessary.

This trick works very well on small cracks but not on large ones over 2 mm wide. These can be more serious and lead to the intervention of professionals who will offer you a suitable solution. Note, however, that the toothpaste trick can be an emergency solution while waiting to repaint the entire wall so that it is homogeneous.

Other tricks to fill cracks on the wall

Toothpaste is undoubtedly the easiest and most inexpensive trick to smooth out small cracks on the wall. It is also useful for filling small screw and nail holes on the wall. However, you don’t always have to be a skilled DIYer to do the repairs yourself. Here are two more tips to freshen up your cracked wall.

– Fix a crack on the wall with baking soda and white glue

Baking soda – Source: spm

To seal a light crack on your wall, it is possible to use baking soda. To do this, you need white glue, baking soda and a spatula. First, pour a dose of baking soda into a container then add two doses of white glue before mixing everything with a spoon. You will get a fairly thick and flexible paste that will serve as a filler to seal the crack. With the spatula, apply the solution to the crack. After spreading the mixture well, smooth the surface of the crack with the spatula and let it dry. Finally, you can then apply a coat of paint if the color is not uniform over the entire wall.

– Fill a crack on the wall with a filler ready to use

Une fissure sur le mur

A crack on the wall – Source: spm

To repair a cracked wall with a ready-to-use filler, start by slightly digging the crack on your wall using a triangular scraper, the objective being to widen it enough to accommodate the filler. Then clean the wall to remove the dust and the parts that come off as a result of the crack. Depending on the importance of the latter, you can choose a pot or a tube of filler. Using a painter’s knife, apply the product, making it penetrate perpendicularly in the direction of the crack. It is essential to moisten the crack before using the plaster. Once it is well filled with filler, you can use a wide knife to smooth it. Then let it dry. After 32 hours, lightly sand the part repaired so that the wall is harmonious again.

Repairing a cracked wall is an essential task regardless of the extent of the damage. By choosing one of these tips, you will not only improve the durability of your home, but also prevent the appearance of larger and more open cracks.

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