How can you be sure to buy a ripe and sweet watermelon? The detail you should pay attention to when buying

Full of water and vitamins, watermelon is ideal for quenching your thirst! If you think choosing a delicious watermelon is a matter of luck, think again! There are elements to take into account to choose the juiciest and sweetest.

To quench your thirst during the summer, watermelon is the ideal fruit. You can choose the best one in the market by considering certain aspects. One thing is certain: you can have delicious slices!

Consumed in slices or in a fruit salad, watermelon is full of flavors. The ideal is to choose a very sweet and juicy one . It is for this reason that it should not be chosen at random. Luckily, there are tips for finding the perfect watermelon. It will delight your taste buds and those of your guests.

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Slice of watermelon – Source: spm

    The color of the watermelon is decisive for choosing

    The appearance of the watermelon is decisive in choosing it. To guess the sweet taste of the fruit, it is important to carefully observe its color. The watermelon that stands out for its flavor is the one that has deep, dark green stripes and bands that tend towards yellow that guarantee its quality. On the other hand, if the color of the stripes is too light, it means that the fruit is not ripe enough. Also check if the watermelon has a discolored area that is normally in contact with the ground. If the stain is yellowish or even orange, it is the guarantee of a watermelon naturally full of sugar.



    pastèquesWatermelons – Source: spm

    It is necessary to scrape the surface of watermelon with fingernails

This gesture will help you to check the ripeness of the watermelon. You just have to scratch the first layer lightly with your fingernail to know if the fruit is ready to be eaten. The color underneath should be bright green.

    The sound indicates whether the watermelon is good

Like the melon, it may be wise to “tap” a watermelon with our fingers to ensure its quality. The sound produced should be full and muffled. If this is not the case, it means that the fruit is not yet ripe.

  • The brilliance of watermelon is a decisive element in the choice of watermelon

  • In addition to the colors of the watermelon, the shine is also a determining factor in choosing the fruit. If it has a dull patina, this is a sign of maturity and concentration of nutritional values. On the other hand, if the watermelon is too shiny, it means that it is less sweet.

    • A fresh, ripe watermelon should be weighed

    • The weight is decisive for choose this low-calorie fruit. The heavier the watermelon at equal size, the more it ensures good maturity, a high water content and a sweet taste.

    • The appearance of the tail of the watermelon is decisive

    • If you want to know if a watermelon has matured, check its tail. It should be dried out and not green. In the latter case, this indicates that the fruit was picked too early.

      We can thus judge a watermelon by its rind and these elements are to be taken into account when eating a watermelon thirst-quenching.

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