The month of July starts badly for these two signs of the zodiac: they will experience unexpected trials

The month of July does not look happy for everyone. If some people are taking advantage of these beautiful summer days, other people have started off on the wrong foot. This is also the case for the natives of two signs of the zodiac. They will experience hardships and hassles in their work during this first week of July, and for good reason, the planets Mercury and Mars will change domicile on July 5th. Discover the two signs of the zodiac who are facing trials during the beginning of this month.

This first week of July is looking bad for the natives of two signs of the zodiac. They will experience difficulties at work, and for good reason, two planets are about to leave the signs they govern. This change will be unfavorable for these two astrological signs.

Which two zodiac signs are facing trials during the beginning of July?

On July 5, important changes will take place. Mercury, planet of intelligence and business will leave Gemini to settle in the sign of Cancer. As for Mars, planet of action and bravery, it will leave the sign of Aries and settle in Taurus. These planets will then leave the signs that they govern, in order to settle in signs that they appreciate less. This change will convey a rather passive energy. Indeed, Mercury in Cancer, an emotional sign that lacks self-confidence, pushes us to stay in the background , and not to show off our know-how and our skills, for lack of self-confidence. Mars in Taurus encourages to relegate our passions and motivations to the background. This energy, far from being positive, will impact the natives of these two signs of the zodiac.

  • Gemini

  • Gemini – Source: spm

    Gemini is an ambitious and dynamic sign. At work, he is seriously involved and puts all his energy into achieving his goals. Moreover, the native of this sign likes to take up challenges, in order to explore his limits and surpass himself. It also allows him to get out of the routine and monotony of work that he dreads so much. Thanks to his intelligence and his perseverance, the Gemini manages to succeed in his projects, and to reach the professional ascent to which he aspires. However, during this first week of July, this sign d’Air will experience a period of stress and pressure at work. He will have to manage the filing of several important and urgent projects. In addition to the obstacles that block the proper execution of their projects, Gemini will also experience clashes with certain work colleagues. Indeed, he will show a great sense of initiative, and a dynamism which will not be shared by everyone. His colleagues will lack involvement, and this will therefore irritate the Gemini. This tense working atmosphere will impact the performance and the productivity of the native of this sign.

    • Aquarius


      Aquarius – Source: spm

      The native of this sign will experience hassles at work during this first week of July. Mercury in Cancer will sow doubt in Aquarius, and push him to withdraw more into himself. He prefers to work alone, but will still find it difficult to move forward in his projects. Also, during this period, Aquarius will experience financial problems which will further reinforce the doubts he has in relation to his career and his work. The native of this sign will also have to arm himself with a lot of caution. He would risk having tensions with his colleagues throughout the month of July. Some vicious and malicious people will even try to put a spoke in his wheels. Aquarius will have to be careful of his colleagues who are envious and jealous.

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