A dragonfly can kill 100 insects a day: cultivate this plant to attract them

Mosquitoes are harmful insects that invade us, especially during hot weather. It is possible to make them disappear by attracting dragonflies to your home. These predators will avoid their presence by being attracted to a particular plant.

Did you know that a specific plant can help you attract dragonflies to your home? If it is useful to invite it, it is because they are formidable in eliminating mosquitoes, which are particularly numerous during periods of high heat.

You can enjoy summer evenings without being bitten by mosquitoes thanks to the dragonfly, a dangerous predator for these harmful insects. For this, it will be necessary to attract the latter with a plant.

Rather than chasing mosquitoes with chemicals, why not opt ​​for natural predation? Dragonflies are insects to invite home to capture these harmful insects sometimes responsible for bites. The advantage of inviting dragonflies into your garden is that they consume mosquitoes at the larval stage as well as at adulthood . Result: the number of mosquitoes decreases. It is recommended to attract dragonflies in your garden, to plant plants that attract this predatory insect.


Dragonfly – Source: spm

– Echinacea attracts dragonfly


echinacea – Source: spm

To invite the dragonfly into its garden and thus drive away harmful mosquitoes, it is recommended to plant echinacea. This herbaceous plant with tall stems is distinguished by purple and yellow petals. Predatory insects are fond of this plant which thrives in a warm and humid environment. Giant echinacea is also an option to attract dragonflies to its green space. It is important not to overwater these plants which thrive well in summer.

There are other plants for attract dragonflies to your garden

Beyond planting echinacea at home, there are other plants that attract dragonflies to your garden. They are resistant to the heat of summer and avoid you being bitten by mosquitoes.

1- Wild celery attracts dragonfly in his garden

Wild celery has long leaves that provide a comfortable place that invites the presence young dragonflies.

2- Field horsetail is a plant appreciated by dragonflies

prele des champs

Horsetail – Source: spm

This plant with stems similar to those of bamboo is devoid of flowers and is perfect for growing near a water source. It will be a perfect plant to invite a dragonfly which will come to hunt harmful insects.

3- The subular sagittarius is a plant which invites the dragonfly at home

To hunt mosquitoes, inviting a dragonfly is ideal. And for that, nothing beats planting a subular arrowhead that thrives in water and is distinguished by a long stem.

4- Yarrow is a plant that attracts dragonflies

achillée millefeuille

Yarrow – Source: spm

This hardy plant with colorful flowers thrives well in a hot, humid climate. This plant will attract dragonflies which will make your garden their hunting ground.

One thing is certain, with these plants, you invite dragonflies into your garden and thus drive away mosquitoes.

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