What are the natural remedies to protect your dog from fleas and ticks?

Dogs can be the target of fleas and ticks which cause them many health problems. It can also be worrying and his behavior may change. To fight against fleas and ticks that appear on your dog’s coat, you can use natural and economical products that will allow you to permanently eradicate parasites. These natural solutions are very effective and will be safe for dogs.

Discover natural solutions to eradicate parasites that harm your dog’s health. You will be able to scare away fleas and ticks effectively.

What are the natural remedies to protect your dog from fleas and ticks?

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According to Woopets, the site specializing in the well-being of pets , it is possible to use natural products to eliminate fleas and ticks that attack your dog. And this in order to eradicate the parasites which harm the health of your dog; you can also use them to treat the dog’s environment. These natural solutions are effective and you won’t need to use potentially toxic chemicals for your pets.

– Apple cider vinegar to fight fleas

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Cider vinegar – Source: spm

This ingredient, which is usually found in your kitchen cupboard, also allows you to save money. To fight fleas naturally, you can use apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. To do this, dilute 20 ml of vinegar in 194 ml of water and use this solution as a conditioner for the coat of your dog. Vinegar has antiseptic properties and will fight your dog’s fleas and ticks. In addition, the vinegar will soften the dog’s coat and restore its shine. You can also add to the solution, 10 drops of tea tree essential oil for more effectiveness. When using white vinegar or of cider on your pet, the solution must not come into contact with his eyes or nose.

– Lemon to eliminate fleas

Lemon can be effective in the fight against parasites that attack your dog’s coat. To use it for this purpose, cut two lemons into slices and then immerse them in boiling water. Leave to macerate for a whole day, covering the container. Add this solution to your dog’s shampoo and leave on for 5 minutes after applying it to your dog. Then proceed with rinsing. Another method is to spray this solution on the places where the dog is used to sleeping, such as the basket.

– The mint and eucalyptus leaves as an anti-flea

To eliminate fleas naturally and effectively, you can use this anti-flea natural chip. For this, you need mint and eucalyptus leaves. Boil in boiling water a large handful of mint and eucalyptus leaves and let stand for about fifteen minutes. Then, filter this natural preparation and pour it into a vaporizer spray. Your dog will appreciate this solution on his coat. Mint and eucalyptus leaves will bring freshness to your dog and will have the same effects as a good flea repellent. Remember to brush it afterwards and let it dry naturally. Finally, you can also use this recipe in your dog’s bath water or add it to his shampoo. She will make a natural anti-flea bath. With this mentholated water, you can massage your pet’s coat and scare away these parasites.

For Effectively fight against fleas and ticks in your dog, you must also treat the environment of your little companion. Remember to clean your dog’s bed and your home with these natural remedies.

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