WhatsApp: Here's why you should no longer delete sent messages

WhatsApp has introduced this function that allows you to delete a message both from your smartphone and from that of the person who received it. Thus, many wonder why not to use this feature anymore. Find out why this habit should be avoided!

One of the features that WhatsApp offers us is message deletion. Only, did you know that it was better not to use it?

En 2017, WhatsApp enabled the option to delete sent messages but unsending was only allowed within five minutes. The lengthening of time was done gradually and now the margin available to a person is much longer than the initial one. This operation generally leaves traces in the discussions. Only, there is a reason why he should never delete messages.

Who hasn’t regretted having sent a message after a few seconds? Whether it’s because of a typo, a spelling mistake or because it was sent to the wrong person, this function allows you to cancel the sending but you often have to keep keep in mind that this feature has its consequences. One of them is that it always leaves a trace in the conversation.

Delete WhatsApp messages function is available for individual and group chats, since mi -2000, and can be executed at any time with different messages.

Une conversation WhatsApp

A WhatsApp conversation – Source: spm

If you have regretted having sent a message to someone, for whatever reason, we will explain the steps you need to perform to delete a sent message, you just have to:

Tap on the message that has been sent to a specific contact and that you do not want to see ‘it’s reading.

A trashcan-like icon will appear at the top of the bar.

Tap the message(s) you you want to cancel.

A screen will appear displaying a question that says: Do you want to delete the message? This shortcut has three alternatives: Delete for me, cancel or delete for everyone.

This last option is for those who no longer wish to send the text, photo, video or the attachment, so tapping it will remove it from both your messages and the recipient.

Once this option is enabled, it will appear on the chat screen: This message has been deleted. This action can be performed within an hour of sending. After this time, WhatsApp users cannot delete the message

Why shouldn’t you delete a message

Une conversation WhatsApp

WhatsApp notification – Source: spm

One of the reasons why it is not recommended to use this last option is that if the contact was not connected at the time of sending the message, it is possible that he could not read it. It will therefore appear in the chat that a text has been deleted before it is displayed. This will not only expose you to that person, but they may later “demand an explanation” as to why you deleted the message.

D’ on the other hand, it should be clarified that due to advances in technology and multiple external applications, it is possible that some have installed an application that allows them to read deleted messages, so even if it has not been sent, your contact might see the text.

Although these apps violate WhatsApp’s privacy policies, it’s best to read the message again before tapping the icon sending to avoid a delicate situation.

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