Why should you never leave a water bottle in the car in the summer?

Carrying a bottle of water in the car to combat thirst, especially when it’s hot, is a gesture shared by many of us. Only, you have to be very careful not to leave it in the sun for hours. And for good reason, it can expose you to a risk for your health and to a consequent danger.

This information will surprise many but it could save your car. Never leave bottles of water or other drinks in the car in direct sunlight.

The danger of bottles in the car for your health

A bottle of water in the car – Source: spm

Scientists warn against leaving bottles containing liquids in cars exposed to sunlight, in fact exposure to the sun increases the volume of Bisphenol A contained in the bottles, a chemical which can present health risks.

Leaving a bottle of water in a car, why is it not recommended?

Hold a bottle of water in the car – Source: spm

The water bottle acts as a lens that attracts the sun’s rays and this also applies to the soda. This phenomenon can occur on other flammable material (upholstery, carpets, clothing) and can become hot enough to potentially cause a fire in the car.

Interior of your car heats up not only quickly but this also the case for the objects which are in your automobile. Moreover, some of them can cause a fire that will damage the car. These are mainly glass objects exposed to the sun, such as bottles, glasses and other containers.

There is another reason why leaving a water bottle in your car is a bad idea. At high temperatures, bacteria and fungi quickly proliferate in it. It is therefore not recommended to drink it. Not to mention that after a few or several hours at high temperature, it changes taste.

High temperature in the car – Source: spm

It should be added that in summer , at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, the temperature of the interior of the car can reach up to 52 degrees after one hour of exposure. At such high temperatures, bacteria multiply rapidly in the water and the water may become unfit for consumption.

Water should be kept at a maximum temperature of 10 degrees Celsius and protected against direct sunlight sun.

The car heats up very quickly in summer. 10 minutes of exposure at 26° are enough for her to exceed the 52 degrees degrees Celsius.

Our solution? Instead, opt for a stainless steel bottle to hydrate in the car in the summer

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