Rub your hair with aluminum foil. This ingenious trick works wonders

Frizz can quickly make your hairstyle look messy. Luckily, aluminum foil can come to the rescue in seconds to discipline them. You will quickly adopt this trick in your beauty routine!

Static electricity can cause unsightly frizz that is difficult to eliminate. Did you know that you can fight these with a simple sheet of aluminum foil. You will be amazed by the result!

The aluminum foil trick: a trend that appeared on Tiktok

If this foil trick aluminum has made its way on the web, it is because it appeared on the famous social network Tik Tok. Its principle? Scrub her hair with a foil to eliminate frizz and humidity. The advantage is that this method is inexpensive and easy to adopt. On Tiktok, several videos have emerged, each more viral than the other and has been emulated by beauty enthusiasts. This ingenious trick succeeds other uses of aluminum foil for hair.

Papier aluminium 8

Aluminum foil – Source: spm

To adopt this ingenious trick that has gone around the web, nothing could be simpler. You will need to take a strip of aluminum foil and gently rub it over all the hair. The latter will be more disciplined and tamed thanks to the effect of the material on static electricity. And for good reason, the components of aluminum foil fight against the thermal energy of the hair fiber and improve its shine. This ingenious trick is therefore ideal for getting a beauty before going out. Only problem ? The effects of this method do not last over time since the aluminum foil does not protect against external atmospheric agents. The hair may therefore regain its frizz if the weather is capricious. Only, this trick is ideal for finding disciplined and smooth hair in no time.

Cheveux disciplines

Cheveux disciplines

Disciplined hair – Source: spm

There are other hair tricks with aluminum foil

Beyond smoothing frizz, aluminum foil has other uses for enhancing hair. The tricks with this material are surprising and allow you to replace often expensive hair products.

1- Aluminum foil allows us to make a house color

Thanks to its ability to retain heat, aluminum foil is an ideal material for hair. It is particularly useful for home coloring because its action opens the cuticles which better capture the color in the hair fiber. To make a balayage or totally change your look, apply the color to your locks and wrap them in aluminum foil before letting the product act.

Coloration des cheveux en salon de coiffureCheveux disciplines

Hair coloring in hair salon – Source: spm

2- Aluminum foil is perfect for redefining your curls

Those with curly hair are will delight in this ingenious trick. And for good reason, it allows unparalleled volume and definition. To take advantage of this method, you will have to start by cutting your sheets of aluminum foil into pieces. After applying hairspray to your hair, roll strands on the paper and leave to act for 15 minutes. Using a straightening iron, heat your locks wrapped in aluminum foil and all you have to do is define your curls. The results are immediate and you can quickly enjoy a lioness mane!

3- The aluminum foil increases the effect of hair care

If you want a mask to be more effective, you can take inspiration from the hairdressing professionals and use aluminum foil. And for good reason, the latter captures the heat which opens the scales to better penetrate the care into the hair fiber. To take advantage of this styling technique, apply aluminum foil to your damp hair with the product of your choice before wrapping everything in a towel very warm. Let the hair product act for the necessary time and you’re done!

So don’t hesitate to introduce aluminum foil into your hair routine to have neat and disciplined hair without frizz .

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