Motorists make this mistake when refueling: the “click” you hear is decisive

Almost all of us make the same mistakes when putting fuel in the car: motorists should not only be careful with the gas nozzle, very hot temperatures also have a big impact when refueling. Here’s what you absolutely need to watch out for when you’re at the station.

As everyone knows, gas prices are always high. Motorists should therefore be able to avoid making certain frequent errors in order to save more money. True, when the price at the gas station is relatively low, it is necessary to put as much fuel as possible in the tank. But when filling, most people overlook the famous “click” of the dispensing nozzle. However, this parameter has all its importance, it is even decisive. But not only. Experts are also sounding the alarm on a fundamental detail: motorists should always keep an eye on current temperatures when refueling. Because it is precisely during the summer months that many problems can arise.

Mettre du carburant dans la voiture

Put fuel in the car – Source: spm

Refuel correctly: motorists should stick to the “click”!

Those who have the petrol nozzle in the tank of their car know the procedure: when the tank is full, the process stops automatically, of course if the automatic stop function has been activated beforehand. We thus hear a rather noisy “click” to guide us. But many motorists remain skeptical and still wonder if the vehicle’s gas tank is really full or if it is still possible to press the dispensing nozzle once or twice.

To answer this question, experts generally advise against adding gasoline after the “click”. According to them, this can cause the tank to overflow: however, they explain that the automatic shut-off system is set so that there is always at least one liter of air in the tank.

Certainly, concerning the vehicle, the specialists point out that the damage caused by a possible overflow of fuel is quite rare and limited. But they take a dim view of the fact that the fuel can escape in this way into the environment or come into contact with the driver’s skin.

By the way If motorists ever come into contact with this liquid in any way, they should immediately wash the affected area with plenty of soap and water. Skin irritation can quickly occur!

Incendie dans une station de service

Fire at a service station – Source: spm

Beware of high temperatures when refueling

For specialists, in summer, high temperatures can also cause problems when filling the tank. If you do not pay attention to the “click” of the automatic stop of the pump when the temperature is around 30°C, we risk having some inconvenience. Indeed, liquids such as gasoline or diesel expand and “ occupy a volume greater than 2% when the temperature increases by 20 degrees“. Thus, as they specify: “ If the tank of a car contains 51 liters of gasoline to 10°C, it already contains some 51 at 30°C« . Therefore, if you continue to fill the tank after the “click” of the filler nozzle, you should expect an overflow.

An accident and claims adjuster also gives his opinion on this issue: “ The leaking gasoline not only damages the vehicle and the wallet, but it also pollutes the soil and water“.

In a report, the experts explain: “In the worst case, it can cause a vehicle fire“.

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