What temperature should the refrigerator be set to in summer? few people know

We keep most of the products purchased in the refrigerator so that they stay fresh as long as possible. The correct temperature in this appliance ensures that food does not spoil quickly. Did you know that it had to be changed in summer for better operation? Find out how to take care of this appliance.

A wide variety of factors can affect the temperature inside your refrigerator. The best temperature for your fridge and freezer will keep your food fresh and lower your electricity bill. There are also compartments where you have to place the different foods.


Adjust refrigerator temperature – Source: spm

Ideally, the refrigerator should display an overall temperature of between 4 and 6°C on condition that it is not overloaded with foodstuffs! Check this measurement by placing a thermometer in the middle of the device. Be careful, however, because this value fluctuates according to the storage areas. Generally, the cold zone is located at the bottom of the device, and oscillates between 0 and 3°C. It stores raw meat and fish, dairy products that have been opened, seafood, charcuterie and fresh defrosted products. In the middle, in the cool zone, temperatures vary between 4 and 6°C. Ideal for cooked meat and fish, dairy products (yogurt, fresh cream, cheese), pastries and cooked fruit and vegetables. In the vegetable drawer, between 8 and 10 °C, place the fresh fruits and vegetables. Finally, in the door, butter, condiments (mustard, sauces), eggs and drinks are compartmentalized between 6 and 8°C.

Adopting the right temperature is very important in the summer. However, it is not necessary to change the degree of cooling of the refrigerator. Thus, the products will remain fresh longer and the operation of the refrigerator will not consume significant amounts of electricity. To do this, you must keep the food in the right place.

It is recommended that you leave space between the food. In this way, the air can circulate and distribute the cold correctly.

The different compartments of the refrigerator

As mentioned before, the temperature of the refrigerator varies with the level of the shelves. How to store the products in this appliance?

The fridge door

ouvrir refrigerateur

Open the refrigerator – Source: spm

This is where it is best to keep products that do not need constant cooling. These shelves are suitable for products such as drinks, sauces (ketchup, mustard, except mayonnaise to be kept inside) or side dishes.

Top and middle shelves

On these shelves, the temperature is better for prepared meals. It is better to also put dairy products, eggs and other products that are not often stored in the refrigerator.

Lower shelves

In this place it is recommended to store meat and fish. The temperature at this level is very low and therefore suitable for this type of product. This way, these foods stay fresh longer and you can eat them without fear.

Lower drawers

Place the food in the refrigerator – Source: spm

This is the perfect place to store fruits and vegetables. This way you take care of their freshness and they won’t take up much space in the fridge.

What about bad odors from the refrigerator?

There is a solution to combat bad odors in the refrigerator. It is recommended to put the products that give off the most odor in airtight bags. You can also place half a lemon and a bowl of baking soda (these two ingredients eliminate and perfume your refrigerator)

Maintaining the correct temperature in the refrigerator and the correct conservation of products ensure proper operation of the device. In this way, you will extend its life and ensure the freshness of the food present inside.

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