WhatsApp: what does the white heart emoji mean and when should it be used in conversations?

With the WhatsApp application, you can send text and voice messages to all your contacts, this allows you to keep in touch with your family members and friends. In addition, you can also share multimedia content and share emojis to express certain emotions in your messages. So what would be the meaning of the white heart emoji and when should it be used?

All these emojis have different meanings and bring different degree of emotion depending on their meaning. We are going to share with you that of the white heart emoji on WhatsApp.

What is the use of emojis in the WhatsApp application?

Heart emojis on WhatsApp – Source: spm

Heart emojis on the instant messaging app take a increasingly important place to express feelings and emotions when sending text messages. The WhatsApp app offers a palette of heart emojis that is diverse enough to meet the expectations of all users. Also, there are a multitude of heart emojis that you can send to all your contacts but you must choose them carefully because they all have a different meaning and can be interpreted differently depending on the nature of your message. For example, the white heart emoji is very often shared on WhatsApp by Android and iPhone owners. It is part of the palette of twelve hearts available on Mark Zuckerberg’s app. Discover the meaning of sending the white heart emoji to your contacts.

What is the meaning of the white heart emoji?

    The white heart emoji on WhatsApp – Source: spm

The white heart emoji is the least used of the WhatsApp Messenger messaging application. Indeed, WhatsApp users tend to use the heart emoji to express their emotions or feelings. In addition, it is easier to use and more common during exchanges on social networks. Also, the white heart emoji represents eternal and unconditional love and also stands for purity of love, therefore, it cannot be used casually. You can use it in many cases to express this feeling to a member of your family, a friend or even to your partner. The white heart emoticon can be used to express pure love without however taking on a romantic aspect like the red heart. This way you can share it in a message to show your affection to one or more of your contacts.

Discover the meanings of other heart emoji on WhatsApp

Now that you know what the white heart emoji means, you will discover the meanings other heart emoticons on the WhatsApp Messenger instant messaging application.

      The meaning of red heart emoji on WhatsApp

    The red heart emoji is widely used on WhatsApp Messenger because it is certainly the best known of all. This red heart emoji represents love and passion. By sending a red heart emoji to one of your recipients, you indicate to him that you have a deep attachment for him as well as a strong attraction. It is often used in romantic relationships or declarations of love.

      The meaning of the orange heart emoji on WhatsApp

      The orange heart emoji can be used in friendly and sibling relationships. Indeed, it represents the affection you have for a person like your colleagues or your friends. It is synonymous with brotherly love unlike the passionate love of the Red heart.

          The meaning of emoji yellow heart on whatsapp

        The yellow heart represents friendship and is therefore often used with friends. The yellow heart emoji can be used to express sincere and lasting love that is not easily erased. You can send it to your best friends or people you have deep affection for.

        The number of emojis on WhatsApp has greatly increased over time and they are increasingly used in conversations on the application. They can be very useful but be careful because their meaning could be misinterpreted.

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