How to swim in the sea without being afraid of being robbed?

Summer rhymes with sunbathing and swimming at the beach. Most of the time, you only need a towel, sunscreen and a bottle of water to fully enjoy the sea. wallet or car keys. Then discover tips for protecting your belongings at the beach!

If you happen to leave certain belongings unattended at the beach, it is certainly not by choice, especially when you want to enjoy a family swim. The situation becomes more complicated when you are alone and have no one to guard your belongings.

In order to prevent your belongings from being targeted by thieves, it is important to bring only the essentials to the beach. However, there are objects that you cannot do without. To protect them, here are some tips to adopt.

– Dig a hole in the sand to hide your belongings

hole in the sand – Source: spm

The first trick is to discreetly dig a hole in the sand, to place all your valuables there and to put a towel or your deckchair on it. It is possible to cover the hole so that it is not visible on the condition of leaving a trace to remind you of the place where you buried your belongings.

Be aware, however, that the phone does not like sand or water, so it should be put in a pouch or plastic bag to protect it before to put it in the hole.

– Hide your valuables in various packaging

Juice carton – Source: spm

A thief first targets backpacks or any other visible object on your beach towel. In order not to attract his attention,

you can hide your precious objects in food packaging ( box of juice or packet of crisps etc.) or even an empty tube of sunscreen. Now all you have to do is enjoy your solo swim!

– Use a portable waterproof pouch to protect your phone

A portable smartphone pouch – Source: spm

If you can’t do without your smartphone, there is an unstoppable trick which consists in using a waterproof pouch to protect it. The advantage is that it goes around your neck, and you can put your phone in it, but also your keys and your money and enjoy a swim in complete safety. Your items will be protected from sand and sea water.

– Leave your valuables in the car

If you are used to going to the beach by car, take the opportunity to leave your valuables there, starting with your wallet, your jewelry or even your mobile phone, although it is useful to take photos and listen to music. Remember to use hidden places in the car such as the trunk, the glove box, under the seat or a jacket.

– Put your belongings and useful objects nearby lifeguards

Rescue tower – Source: spm

If you detect lifeguards on the beach, do not hesitate to put your towel nearby. This is the perfect place to keep your belongings safe. Indeed, the lifeguard has a clear view and can easily spot any attempted theft. This position can in fact deter anyone who would try to approach your belongings.

– Opt for beach towels with a pocket to preserve your valuables

serviette de plage avec pochetrou dans le sable

339962Beach towel with pocket – Source: spm

If you only have a few objects to hide, it would be interesting to use a beach towel with a small hidden pocket.

This will allow you to put a few bills in it and your car keys. Thieves tend to target visible objects and not beach towels.

You can make a pocket on the towel yourself if you have mastered basic sewing techniques.

Now you know how to keep your things safe when you’re at the beach. All you have to do is test them this summer to fully enjoy your holidays!

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