WhatsApp: this long-awaited new feature is coming soon to Android and iPhone

The WhatsApp application continues to innovate and bring exciting news to its users. A feature in preparation will make it easier to exchange. One thing is certain, this new option will be very useful since it adapts to a real user need. Then discover this long-awaited novelty!

WhatsApp is now one of the most used messaging applications in the world. It is for this reason that it continues to develop new features, always with the aim of improving the user experience. Among its innovations, there is a complementary option to WhatsApp Web which offers many advantages. We explain everything to you.

What is this expected new feature of WhatsApp?

After recently announcing features in the test phase like the ability to add 383 people to a group, WhatsApp continues to surprise its users with this time an important feature that will be part of an upcoming beta update.

– The WhatsApp “companion” mode allows you to connect to a secondary smartphone

Mode compagnon

Companion mode – Source: spm

Until now, WhatsApp users could not link their account to multiple smartphones. Thanks to this next update, they will no longer have any constraints to connect to the application. This new mode called “companion” unveiled by the site WABetalInfo , a site specializing in new WhatsApp updates, allows you to connect simultaneously on another smartphone. As a reminder, the application only supported PCs as a secondary device, which is not enough when you have an additional smartphone.

– How does WhatsApp’s new “companion” mode work?

Companion mode – Source: spm

Being still in beta version, information Concrete information on its use is not yet available. However, some details have been revealed by the WABetalInfo site. By switching to “companion” mode, for example, you will be automatically disconnected from the WhatsApp account on the main phone. Another utility: the “companion” mode allows access to the same account from any smartphone or tablet device but also to synchronize the history of discussions on all smartphones used.

Warning: Switching to “companion” mode generates a deletion of all WhatsApp data that is stored on the primary phone including messages and media. A prior backup must be made using the Google Drive.

Another similar trick to connect to WhatsApp on d other devices

While waiting for companion mode to launch, you can still use a similar trick to log into WhatsApp on other devices. The following feature allows you to link your account to a computer or tablet.

– WhatsApp’s multi-device mode allows you to connect to 4 devices

Mode multi appareils

Multi-device mode – Source: spm

Even if you don’t have your smartphone handy , it is possible to use WhatsApp on other devices thanks to the multi-device function. This offers the possibility for users of the application to synchronize messages on a maximum of four devices. Whether your phone is on or off, you can easily access your account.

To do this , open the app on your phone. Then tap more options on Android or Settings on iPhone, then Connected devices. Next, tap Connect device. By unlocking your phone, you have several options to link the account to the device. Simply follow the instructions for biometric authentication or to enter a PIN code. Then point your phone at the screen of the device you want to connect to scan the QR code.

Warning: only computers using the Desktop version of WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Web online service are affected by this option. It is possible to access it on a tablet using the WhatsApp Web open on a browser in computer version.

The “companion” mode will probably be available during future updates from WhatsApp. Stay tuned to learn the latest news from the application. In the meantime, feel free to connect to other devices using the above mode.

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