Do not put your feet on the dashboard. The consequences can be dramatic

During holidays, you may see some passengers traveling with their feet resting on the dashboard of the car. This posture is often related to overcoming the typical discomfort associated with long-duration driving in a seated position. Changing the position of the body brings relief and even has a beneficial effect on health (improved blood circulation) but can cause real tragedy.

Among the various bad habits of motorists, that of placing their feet on the front window. So, road-weary passengers may want to find a more comfortable position by placing their legs over the car window. Safety in a car does not only depend on the driver’s attention to the road, there are also dangerous postures for the driver and his occupants. The consequences can be serious in the event of an accident.

Why can’t you drive with your feet out the front window?

Putting your feet on the dashboard – source: spm

The main incentive to stop this behavior is the presence of a passenger airbag in the car. It has been designed in such a way as to avoid the appearance of greater damage in the event of a violent impact. It is activated at the moment of a collision, protects us from the force generated by the inert body detached from the seat. Only it will only work correctly if you don’t touch it at launch, and unfortunately such contact takes place when the passenger has their feet on the front window. The consequences of deploying an airbag in a way that is not in accordance with its intended use can be dramatic and extremely dangerous. It also depends a lot on the position of your back at the time.

What is the risk of rolling with your legs over the front window ?

Driving the car – source: spm

If the airbag explodes while you put your legs on the front window, the legs and body parts around the pelvis are most at risk. The airbag that pushes the body is very likely to break bones or even lead to fractures. It is possible that you also experience spinal injuries.

You must consider even more serious consequences if you remain in this posture.

To avoid further injury from an airbag explosion, do not keep anything near the airbag that could injure you. Therefore, we recommend that you be careful when installing phone holders or when placing keys or other small objects near the airbag.

It is therefore important to keep your seat belt fastened, sit with your back straight and your feet on the car mat. Only then can you always travel safely and be better protected in the event of a collision or accident.

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