The washing machine's secret button has a very useful function. It improves laundry washing

This is a ritual that we do very regularly: accumulating the laundry basket of dirty or stained clothes to start a washing cycle in the washing machine. Obviously, we expect very satisfactory results. Except that’s not always the case. And it is both frustrating and annoying to find that our clothes are not as clean as we would have liked or that they suddenly give off an unpleasant smell. You thought you had adopted all the right gestures? But maybe you missed something. Very often, without being aware of it, many people make certain recurring mistakes and end up with poorly washed laundry. But by the way, do you remember to clean the detergent drawer of the machine from time to time?

If you are frowning, it is very likely that you have tendency to neglect this small detail. And yet, it is far from trivial. This element is, on the contrary, all its importance. You didn’t even know how to remove this drawer from the device? In this case, you surely did not notice the presence of this little secret button which will greatly facilitate your task. Yes, there is a very special way to remove this famous detergent drawer. To have impeccable laundry, discover without further delay how to clean this essential element.

tiroir detergent machine a laver

Washing machine detergent drawer – Source: spm

The secret button that unlocks the washing machine drawer

Before doing laundry, you may find yourself having to remove the drawer of the washing machine to clean it. Inevitably, with time and constant use, it accumulates a lot of dirt residue from the many products used in the washing machine. Many have not paid attention to it, but there is a secret button that can help you unlock this drawer.

So, if you observe closely, you will discover that the your washing machine’s detergent drawer contains “spray holes”. These pump water into the drawer to dump their contents into the drum. Unfortunately, these holes are often clogged with lime or mold debris, which explains why the detergent or fabric softener does not dissolve effectively.

Therefore , if you find that the washing process is not optimal and your laundry is not cleaned properly after a cycle, it probably means that these spray holes are clogged. To remedy the situation, it is therefore recommended to clean the inside of the washing machine, and in particular this famous drawer. To do this, you must remove it from the machine, but without forcing it so as not to damage it.

Precisely, just use this appropriate button to unlock the drawer without effort or hassle. Where is it situated ? It is located at the top of the drawer: you will have to press it very gently to remove this element from the device.

bouton machine tiroir

bouton machine tiroir

Washing machine drawer machine button – Source: spm

After using the secret button to remove the drawer, it must be rinsed well with water. You have to scrub the holes with an old toothbrush. Warning: it is important to operate a very delicate cleaning not to damage this drawer. In addition, if you notice the formation of mold in the washing machine, we recommend that you clean the various spaces of the appliance thoroughly.

Instructions: To disinfect the detergent drawer, dip the toothbrush in a mixture of 200 % vinegar and 50 % water, before rubbing well. Once the spray holes have been cleaned, the fabric softener should flow smoothly from the dispenser drawer.

After a good cleaning, insert the drawer back into place and lock using the same button. There you go, you now have a clean and mold-free washing machine, which will allow you to have clean laundry without any bad odors.

vetements mouillés machine a laver

Wet clothes in the washing machine – Source: spm

Beware of these 3 mistakes that harm both your laundry and your your washing machine

1. Choosing the wrong setting for your washing machine

It is important to familiarize yourself with the built-in settings of your device to avoid making some mistakes. Generally, people tend to always use the same setting and wash cycle for most clothes. However, not all fabrics are alike and have very specific needs. It is therefore essential to always check the manufacturing labels and follow the instructions: for example, certain more delicate garments must be washed alone or in small quantities. You will save a lot of worries for your laundry and your washing machine.

2. The use of extra detergent

When clothes are very dirty, the majority think that it is normal to add extra detergent. Fake ! It is better to wash a load twice in a row with a normal amount of detergent than to put in a lot more.

3. Leaving wet clothes in the washing machine

This is a common mistake for which almost all of us are responsible. Some are distracted by other tasks, others let themselves be overwhelmed by laziness, still others open the drum and go about their business, convinced that the laundry will not suffer. However, this is a very bad habit.

After washing, when you leave your clothes in the appliance, instead of taking them out quickly, because of the moisture they can mold, wrinkle more and smell bad. Which also harms the washing machine itself.

The solution? Set a timer or alarm on your mobile phone so you don’t have to wait any longer to get your laundry out of the machine’s drum. This will prevent you from having smelly clothes. Which can even push you to wash them again!

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