Have your bank accounts been emptied during your vacation? Here's how you can get scammed without realizing it

After two years in turmoil, where the majority of people have sadly given up on their holidays, the summer 730 promises to be under better auspices, offering a real revival to international tourism. Except that, if the excitement is very perceptible on the side of hoteliers as well as travelers, another category that awaits the arrival of the holidays with impatience should not be underestimated: the scammers. Yes, don’t forget that scammers will also be there to glean your small savings.

There’s nothing like taking a vacation to relieve stress and boost your moral. However, the stay can turn into a nightmare because of a panoply of crooks waiting for tourists around the corner.

Of course, we are not going to spoil the pleasure for you either : it is not a mass phenomenon, but rather isolated cases. Only better to prevent. We would not like you to be an easy target and to be part of the lot of victims. It would therefore be good to know how these scammers work to try to thwart their bad intentions. So here are some wise tips to protect your money on vacation!

Profiter des vacances à la plage

Enjoying a beach vacation – Source: spm

One of the most common methods of theft is through ATMs. Certainly, on vacation, we tend to often have cash on us to avoid going through the distributor, but sometimes we have no choice. So, if you find yourself in the obligation to withdraw money from an ATM, be very vigilant. At this time, it is possible that an individual offers to help you get rid of certain taxes and local commissions. As irresistible as the offer he presents to you is, do not accept his proposal! Naturally, everyone would like to take advantage of favorable exchange rates, but this solution is just a scam. You’d better ask your bank about these operations abroad rather than trust the first comer who seems to want to offer you a miracle solution.

Also be very beware of some restaurants who have the reputation of being real scammers. Evidence in support, last June, American tourists revealed to have paid exorbitant sums in Greece for a rather modest meal. The Greek authorities themselves have alerted tourists to certain incidents of this kind and have even arrested several establishments suspected of fraud. As a security measure, never agree to taste the dishes at the restaurant without knowing the price. In addition, when you are asked typical starters on the table, without even having ordered them, know that they are often not offered!

Same principle for taxis , do not agree to get into a vehicle whose driver makes you believe that the meter is faulty or that it does not work. In that case, wait for the next one!

In another rather curious context, people have reported waking up with their clothes sprinkled with a paste that looks like human excrement. ‘birds. They will later discover that it was actually toothpaste. Seemingly harmless, the purpose of this incident was to get a local person to selflessly help them clean their clothes. While in truth, she would only seek to empty the pockets.

Paiement par carte bancaire

Payment by credit card – Source: spm

Other methods you may be tricked with

You must also pay particular attention when performing certain transactions with your bank card. The insertion of the PIN code at merchants or vending machines must be strictly confidential. Nobody should see this code: therefore, always keep out prying eyes, especially if there are people around you, and cover the keypad with one hand so that no one can see the numbers you press.

Other situation you may face. If, suddenly, a beautiful young woman or a dashing young man is eager and available to show you a beautiful isolated place, take your precautions and do not follow him. Keep your cool, don’t show fear, and have a quiet talk with this person. Listen to your instincts, if you feel something is wrong, get away from it. And if you think there’s nothing to worry about, be sure to go with your friends or tell at least one person close to where you’re going.

Finally, always keep your purse in front of you, avoid extremely crowded places and conflicts. If you have a rental car, choose paid parking lots with video surveillance. But rest assured, scammers exist all over the world, they will not all be concentrated in the destination you have chosen. Especially since you will surely be surrounded by caring and helpful people. Just keep in mind that you have to be careful in order to have a good holiday!

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