Why do you have to pour a little flour into the sink? An unknown but very useful trick

Flour is one of the most used ingredients in cooking. But this ingredient never ceases to amaze us due to its many uses at home. Just like baking soda or salt, this powder can be used as a natural alternative to certain chemicals. If you pour a dose of this product down the drain, you will be amazed at the result!

To perform effective cleaning, certain natural remedies are used on a daily basis. With their many unsuspected properties, these work wonders on certain materials. This is the case with flour, which is undoubtedly one of the essential ingredients for household cleaning.

Why use flour in the sink?

Flour is not just a simple cooking ingredient. In addition to being the basis of many recipes, this powder can work wonders when used as a cleaning product. Here’s what you can do with this valuable ingredient.

– Use the flour to clean a dirty sink

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Flour – Source: spm

Did you know? It is possible to make a sink shine with flour. This ingredient is very effective in removing grease residues, stains and also restoring shine to certain materials such as stainless steel. Then pour 4 tablespoons of this product over the entire surface of your sink. Leave for a few minutes before wiping with a soft cloth or damp sponge. Then rinse the surface and watch the result! Also be aware that just like flour, baking powder can have the same effect on your sink.

Other amazing uses of flour at home

It is quite possible to clean at home using flour. Like baking soda, white vinegar or talc, wheat flour is a perfect solution to clean, stain and shine your interior. It also produces other ignored effects.

– Flour to remove stubborn stains

Wine stain on the carpet – Source: spm

Whether on a blood or wine stain, flour can work wonders on your carpet. Just pour a small amount of this powder on the stain that is still fresh. The powder will absorb the liquid and prevent the stain from spreading. embed more in the fabric. Let dry then, rub the area concerned with a clean cloth or a brush.

– Flour to get rid of rust

There is nothing like flour to remove rust from metal objects. It can also be effective for making silverware shine. To do this, mix in a container the following ingredients:

– A glass of flour

– A glass of white vinegar

– Half a glass of salt

This will allow you to create a homogeneous paste. Then, spread a thick layer on the various kitchen utensils and let sit for a few minutes. Gently rub your objects then wash with soap and water. Then dry with a clean cotton or linen cloth.

– Flour to clean the floor

To clean a floor and restore its shine, flour will be very useful. Whether it’s for cleaning wine, mud, oil or coffee stains, the effect of this kitchen ingredient is undeniable. Then sprinkle the ground with white flour. This will immediately absorb the liquids on the floor. For an impeccable result, all you have to do is pass the mop impregnated with white vinegar and essential oils. This trick works on parquet, lino or tiled floors.

Now you know why it is useful to pour flour into the sink. Test this trick on other corners and objects of the house, the result may well surprise you!

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