Pour salt into the toilet for 3 hours and let it act for a stunning result

Despite thorough and regular scrubbing, toilets often end up accumulating a significant amount of dirt debris and limescale deposits. And despite your best efforts, cleaning with ordinary products does not always give the expected result. How to track down this dirt and get rid of bad smells? The solution is in your kitchen. You have a “powerful” ingredient that you have surely never used to disinfect your toilets!

You were looking for a super effective tip to clean your toilets? No need to empty the wallet or go too far, you have it at your fingertips. In the kitchen more precisely. Hard to believe, but salt is the product you will need to make your toilet spotless. This is one of the best experiences you can have at home: this environment, so often conducive to dirt, will be completely free of stains, unpleasant odors and limescale. As a bonus, salt is ecological and economical!

Why should salt be poured into the toilet?

Nettoyage des toilettes

Toilet cleaning – source: spm

Without salt, food would have no real flavor. These small whitish crystals also have the ability to beautify the skin and hair. But their versatile performance doesn’t stop there. If white vinegar or baking soda are often popular in terms of home maintenance, salt has nothing to envy them. The new “star” of the household, it’s him!

No more cleaning the toilets. This trick will make your life easier: pour a few grams of salt into the bowl and let it act for three hours. As soon as you come back to take a look, you will notice that the area is perfectly clean with no lime stains. Don’t forget to sprinkle the rims of the toilet well as well. Then wash the place. You will see that most of the work has already been done!

NB : if possible, it is preferable to let the salt act overnight, its cleansing action will be much more effective. If you sometimes want to alternate, you can swap the salt for a little baking soda, according to your preferences. The effect will be the same: this white powder is also very good for detaching, disinfecting and deodorizing the toilets.

Good to know: to compensate for chemical products, mix a handful of salt with lemon juice. You’ll get great results and you’ll save a little money.

A little salt in old pipes to get rid of bad odors

Des toilettes propres après nettoyage

Clean toilets after cleaning – source: spm

Do you have a plumbing problem, because of those old pipes that are often clogged? This probably explains these bad smells that often fill the place. Do not panic: before seeking a specialist, we invite you first to test this remedy. Pour a glass of salt into the toilet bowl every day for a week. This will surely help fix the problem. To prevent this type of incident, we advise you to pour a tablespoon of salt down the toilet once a month.

In addition, salt can also be poured down the bathroom drain in case of blockage. Put a handful of salt in a bowl of boiling water before pouring the solution down the drain. Warning: this mixture should never be used to clean porcelain tiles, as this may damage this material.

Did you know? Flour can also be useful in the bathroom, especially for cleaning a very dirty sink. Rub well and then use a damp cloth to clean off the excess. Be sure not to spill any to avoid contact with water. After this cleaning, you will find that the sink has never been so clean and sparkling. This little-known method will allow you to completely remove the stains and scale that remain on the surface of the sink, and which give it that always dirty appearance.

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