Why is it essential to pour lemon on the broom? Most people ignore this trick

Although they are powerful, aromatic and effective, industrial chemical detergents have not been so popular in recent years. In question, the ecological stake of course. But not only. Both to preserve the environment and for the health of fragile people, we put the kibosh on these often toxic substances. From then on, the trend of grandmother’s remedies and natural products has come back into fashion. Against all expectations, they are perfect cleaning alternatives, less harmful and more economical. Thus, baking soda, white vinegar, salt or even lemon have been on the rise lately. The tips continue to multiply and become viral on social networks. Today we are going to focus on the amazing performance of lemon. Quickly discover this brilliant trick, as well as a whole range of uses for this citrus fruit with a thousand virtues.

Sometimes, to compensate for daily household chores, you don’t have to complicate your life too much . Some ingredients, which are often already available at home, can do the trick perfectly. Like lemon, this famous healthy fruit that seasons an infinite number of dishes. Who would have thought, but this fantastic citrus also has an unsuspected cleaning power. Stain remover, whitener, deodorizer… Its properties are countless: for cleaning surfaces and elements of the house, it is a partner of choice!

The tip of the lemon juice to give a second life to your broom

Des citrons pour nettoyer la maison

Lemons to clean the house – Source: spm

Surely you have a good quality broom that leaves no residue or lint on the floor. Except, as we can imagine, after a while, it is no longer as efficient as before and the results are less satisfactory. By dint of wear, its fringes or brushes have gradually diminished. In this case, our tip will be particularly useful to you, since it will help you to prolong the life of this tool, essential for cleaning your home.

First things first: it is necessary to maintain your broom by cleaning it frequently. Rub the flexible surface against a wall to make sure there are no more large debris.

If the brushes have already hardened or you want to anticipate so that this does not not happen, you just need to use the skills of the lemon. Indeed, if you pour hot lemon juice on it, you can soften the plastic part and regain the lost softness of the broom. Then, all you have to do is rinse well and let your broom dry properly. Of course, remember to clean and disinfect it well so that it is operational again.

Other uses of lemon for cleaning and perfuming the elements of your interior

Lemon to clean the house – Source: spm

In addition to being delicious, healthy and tangy, lemon is an outstanding cleansing agent. Swap your classic products for this citrus fruit with remarkable properties for cleaning and deodorizing various elements.

  • How to properly clean the microwave oven? Take a bowl and fill it with water and fresh lemon juice (or zest). Install it in the device that you will turn on for 3-5 minutes. The time that the steam escapes and covers the interior in order to easily take off the encrusted dirt residues. Switch off the microwave. Wait a few minutes for the bowl to cool down and take it out. Then, take a sponge and soak it in this lemon water to wipe the interior walls of the microwave oven well. Guaranteed cleanliness with the added bonus of a delicate citrus scent!
  • Want to refresh the wooden cutting boards? Surely you have one that reveals stubborn stains or smells strongly of garlic. No problem: sprinkle it with a little salt, then rub the entire surface with half a lemon. Rinse then repeat if necessary. After a while the board will be almost like new and ready to go!
  • To deodorize the drain, pass some lemon zest in the toilet bowl, this will neutralize all the bad odors that emerge.
  • Have you ever thought of polishing your furniture with lemon? This trick works wonders. Make your own natural shoe polish by combining 2 parts olive oil with 1 part lemon juice. Apply with a cloth to wooden tables and chairs. The shine is incredible!
  • This is a task that many people see a real chore: removing food residue that sticks to airtight plastic containers. This greasy texture does not seem to want to dislodge? However, you can easily get rid of it by simply using lemon juice. Scrub stubborn stains and leave to act for 15 minutes before rinsing. Hop, the famous traces of sauce are no longer relevant!

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