Do you put the bread in the fridge? It's a mistake not to make again, here's how to keep it well

Whether you bake your own bread at home or prefer the simplicity of buying from a bakery, always keep in mind that bread can spoil much faster than expected. The conditions of its conservation are therefore particularly essential. Of course, like other foods, it’s very tempting to keep it in the refrigerator. Isn’t this the ideal space to prolong the life of our already mature and almost spoiled food? Certainly. But the question deserves consideration. Do you think it’s such a good idea to keep your bread in the fridge?

Fridge, freezer, bread box, pantry… There’s no shortage of choices for storing your baguette or its wholemeal bread. But what would be the most optimal and healthiest method to make it last longer? Have you chosen to keep it in the refrigerator so that you can eat it for several days in a row? Well, according to nutrition experts, that’s a big mistake. Why? The reason would be closely related to its taste, flavor and freshness. We tell you more.

Keeping bread in the fridge: bad habit?

Fresh bread – Source: spm

Most people remain convinced that storing their bread in the refrigerator is a very appropriate practice to be able to consume it even after several days. In truth, this is not the best option at all. Admittedly, it can indeed be consumed a little longer when it is refrigerated, but it will lose all its freshness and its very particular taste.

Low temperatures in the refrigerator are harmful to its flavor and lead to negative effects on the starch molecules it contains, leading to its “downgrading” and the staling of the bread. Note that wheat starch is made up of long “chains of glucose”, which is precisely what makes your bread so soft and moist. In addition, its structure does not mix well with low temperatures. As a bonus, contrary to popular belief, if the bread hardens too quickly, it is precisely because of excess humidity and a significant drop in temperature. Therefore, it’s best to buy exactly the amount you expect to consume for a day or two at most.

However, if you’re hoping to keep it fresh for a bit longer, here’s some tips to follow:

  • Choose to buy a bread well cooked.
  • Keep it in a place at room temperature, away from humidity, wrapped in a dry towel.
  • Avoid the plastic bag which tends to soften the crust and opt rather for the metal or bamboo box, specially dedicated to bread. This tool controls the dehydration process and preserves the qualities of the bread longer.
  • If it has hardened too quickly, moisten it under a stream of water then put it in the oven (at 20°) a few minutes for it to regain its crispy and soft texture.

    Good to know: fresh bread can be frozen. However, freezing will not prevent starch retrogradation. But, unexpectedly, this phenomenon will not affect the properties of the bread. So you can consume it longer. Just avoid defrosting it in the microwave!

    What type of bread should you choose to keep it longer?

    du pain congelés

    Frozen bread – Source: spm

    If you want bakery-bought bread to stay fresh longer, opt for whole-wheat flour or old-grain sourdough breads instead. Prefer well-baked bread whose crumb contains less water, which will prevent its rapid hardening. Quite the opposite of industrial baguettes, sips of water, which harden in just a few hours.

    NB: industrial toast, closed in plastic bags available on the shelves from supermarkets, usually stays moist longer than artisan bread. Why is that ? this is because it is almost always treated with preservatives and chemical additives that protect it from hardening and mold during storage.

    In order to obtain a bread healthier and that keeps for a long time, it is good to learn how to make it at home with authentic and quality ingredients. However, if you want to buy ready-to-use, possibly choose sourdough “old fashioned bread”. It contains a slight acidity that allows it to stay soft on the inside and crispy on the outside for up to 7 days. Indeed, the alcoholic fermentation of the sourdough guarantees the longevity of the bread. While the alcoholic fermentation of brewer’s yeast or chemical leavening is more likely to make bread stale much sooner.

    Did you know ? Often called the best bread in the world, Italian bread from Altamura (pane di Altamura) has an airy and soft texture, a unique taste with a hint of hazelnut, a deliciously crispy crust and a very distinctive aroma. It is prepared with natural yeast and very fine grain yellow durum wheat semolina. It can be stored easily, tightly closed in its original opaque paper packaging, for up to a week. However, you must avoid being scammed by counterfeits. Indeed, this bread is produced in a very strict way with high quality products. You must therefore make sure that it contains its AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) certification, a European sign that protects local products against numerous counterfeits.

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