Your vacuum cleaner no longer sucks perfectly? Here's how to deep clean the brushes to maintain its effectiveness

To keep a clean and well-maintained home, it is important to clean it regularly. Even if it’s not always an easy task, regular maintenance of your home can make your daily life easier. Fortunately, there are household appliances that can help you with household cleaning, such as the vacuum cleaner. But for optimal use of this household appliance, it is necessary to maintain it well.

We will share with you tips for cleaning and maintaining the brushes of the vacuum cleaner in order to improve the performance of your device. We tell you everything.

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Vacuum cleaner – Source: spm

To be able to vacuum dust from your floors and maintaining a clean and healthy home, you need to take good care of your vacuum cleaner. It accompanies you on a daily basis to clean your apartment or your house. To preserve its good performance, it is important to clean it regularly so that it continues to have good suction power.

– Clean the brushes of your vacuum cleaner by hand

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The brushes of a vacuum cleaner – Source: spm

The various components of the vacuum cleaner make it possible to make everyday life easier to carry out household chores. With the vacuum cleaner, you can clean the floors hard floors in your home and vacuum bread crumbs on the dining table or dust lint on and under your couch. the brushes of your household appliance, follow these tips.

First, detach the brush from your appliance. Then, remove dirt such as hairballs and hair by hand, not forgetting the part of the wheels. Then, remove the rotating brush from your vacuum cleaner according to the mechanism of your model. Clean the small brush by removing any other debris that may get stuck around the brush. Then check that the suction nozzle and the brush pipe are not clogged with other residues.

– Remove the dust vacuum cleaner brushes

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The brushes of the vacuum cleaner – Source: spm

You can clean your rotating brush by Run it under water to remove any dust or stuck pet hair. If this method proves ineffective, you can vacuum the hairs with the tube of your vacuum cleaner. It is advisable to carry out this task outdoors so as not to put dust everywhere in your house or apartment.

– Clean the brushes of the vacuum cleaner with soapy water

To finalize the cleaning of the brushes of your vacuum cleaner, you can clean them with soapy water. If the brush of your vacuum cleaner is electric, avoid putting it in contact with water to avoid damaging the motor. Prepare a basin of soapy water and clean the plastic parts of the vacuum cleaner brush with a sponge. Then rinse it and let it air dry. When the brush is completely dry, you can completely reassemble your vacuum cleaner after thoroughly cleaning all parts of the device.

After having thoroughly cleaned the brush of your vacuum cleaner, you can do the same with the other parts of your vacuum cleaner.

– Empty the bin or change the vacuum cleaner bag

In order for your device to maintain good suction power, it is necessary to empty the the bin or change your respirator bag on a fairly regular basis before they fill up and overflow with dust. In which case, you will have more difficulty changing or emptying it and you risk spilling dirt when handling it.

You will understand, to keep a clean and welcoming home, it is important to maintain it well. Remember to thoroughly clean all parts of your vacuum cleaner so that it lasts a long time and remains effective.

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