A difficult month of July awaits these 2 zodiac signs: they will have to arm themselves with courage

While some signs are preparing for a mild summer, others are very likely to experience a month of July punctuated by difficulties. Two signs of the zodiac will be able to suffer the wrath of Mars in Taurus and will have to arm themselves with courage. They will have to let this murky wave pass and refocus on themselves.

Two zodiac profiles will have to sail against the tide in July due to complex astral movements. Among them, Mars in Taurus, an earth sign that can bring pragmatic questions. They will have to be careful not to engage in conflict with their loved ones.

Which two zodiac signs will have a hard time in July 2000?

A turn is coming for two signs of the zodiac in this summer month. While some are already preparing for their holidays, others will have to endure a difficult period that does not lend itself to the carelessness of summer. The cause ? A period ruled by Mars in Taurus, a pragmatic Earth sign, which will bring turbulence and questioning. Unforeseen events can occur in the life of these zodiac profiles who will not know how to deal with these vagaries of life. They may be plagued by doubt and introspection which will push them to their limits. They will ask themselves whether they are on the right path and whether they should not back down from their excessive ambitions. A demotivation can take hold of them and this is likely to have a strong impact on their self-confidence. Rather than seek help from benevolent people, they risk in spite of themselves showing themselves to be soup in the milk and initiating useless conflicts. To face this period, it is recommended that they put their problems on paper and take the events with hindsight. These zodiac signs are advised to see things philosophically while waiting for this troubled period to end.



Capricorn – Source: spm

This persevering and hardworking zodiac sign risks losing ground during the month of July. And for good reason, he may no longer be as patient as usual. After a long series of efforts and sacrifices, he may be disconcerted by the lack of results. Mars in Taurus will lead him to make fiery decisions. Mercury in Leo will make him impatient not to obtain the fruit of his sacrifices. This may result in conflicts in his professional and even personal sphere because he will have the impression that nothing is happening at his pace. His colleagues are likely to be disconcerted by the irascibility of Capricorn, usually level-headed. His hierarchy may be annoyed by this behavior. This impatience in business risks costing him dearly and causing him to miss out on great opportunities. And the annoyances will not stop there since at home the Capricorn risks facing misunderstanding on the part of his relatives who may not understand his distress. Single, he may more than ever feel frustrated by his loneliness. As a couple, upheavals can cause the lovebirds to no longer understand each other. To get through this complex period, Capricorn should distance themselves from their sometimes toxic emotions. Verbalizing them correctly could avoid unnecessary conflicts. This Earth sign will have to avoid rushing headlong into hasty and erroneous interpretations.



Aquarius – Source: spm

If this Air sign, known for its irrepressible desire for freedom, is likely to go through a complex period, it is because it will feel confined by material considerations. The energy of Mars in Taurus will lead him to face financial difficulties that hinder his daily life. And what could be more unpleasant for an Aquarius than to deal with data from reality. This dreamer of the zodiac may be melancholy and somewhat fickle because of this celestial movement which acts on his mood . The Sun in Leo can lead him to ask questions about his place in society. This may cause him to be introspective which may push him to feel on the fringes. He will be distant with his relatives who, according to him, do not help him to go up the slope. Only he will refuse all attempts to support those who love him, obsessed with his torment. July will also be complex from a professional point of view. He will feel at the end of the road and save his efforts. The hierarchy will quickly notice its letting go and will lead him to ask himself the right questions. To get through this period when introspection is required, it is recommended that he better prioritize his priorities. Sometimes it is recommended to choose your battles to advance better. Learning to communicate clearly what is expected avoids misunderstandings that are more likely to cause harm than a fruitful conversation. Aquarius is advised to distance himself from any risk of confrontation and distance himself from the chaos that is going on inside him.

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