Do you know why supermarkets don't have exterior windows? few people know

Between a huge flow of people and an impressive variety of products, supermarkets are big-box stores that bring together a multitude of items in one place. However, if you really pay attention, you’ll notice a rather intriguing detail: they don’t have a window to the outside. Apparently the reason would be strategic. We’ll enlighten you on the subject.

How many times have you gone to a supermarket or department store and left with double or even triple the amount you intended to spend? Incredible right? However, we have a list in hand and we finally find ourselves at the checkout with a fully loaded shopping cart. Very often three-quarters of the products were not even on the list! What if all of these purchases are happening because we are incentivized to do so in some way? You should know that nothing is left to chance in supermarkets. Everything is carefully calculated: from the placement of the products on the shelves, to the equipment, the decoration, including the floor or the music, everything is done to encourage customers to buy more. The rule is simple: the longer the customer stays in the store, the more he will be tempted to buy as many products as possible.

Why supermarkets don’t have windows facing the outside?

interieur supermarché

The interior of the supermarket – Source: spm

All the departments in the shopping centers are well lit, very lively with quite loud and catchy music. But, when you enter the supermarket, the atmosphere changes: less light, less noise, the atmosphere is more pleasant and more comfortable. This feeling of well-being inevitably makes you want to spend more time there, even unconsciously.

Consequently, the choice to have banished the windows has no correlation with the design of the place. In fact, the explanation is very precise: it is quite simply a question of a strategic and well-studied tactic which aims to increase sales.

In reality, the absence of windows to the outside is a component of retail psychology. In other words, sellers try to create an environment in which people feel comfortable. Their objective is clear: here, time must stop, people must disregard everything that is happening outside to focus only on the attractive universe around them and thus spend more money.

For the same reason, many commercial surfaces have tiled floors. The explanation is also very interesting: it is a practical option to prevent the cart from making noise while driving. The customer will therefore not be disturbed and will thus be able to stroll through all the departments in a fluid and pleasant way. And the slower he goes, the more he will be tempted by certain unexpected purchases.

The most fascinating thing about the story is that even though many people are well aware of all these commercial strategies, this does not prevent them from continuing their impulse purchases.

Other practical considerations

Buying products from the supermarket – Source: spm

In addition to the psychological concept, there is also a practical aspect: large windows easily let in sunlight in supermarkets, which can lead to discoloration of packaging. If the appearance of the products is not very aesthetic, it may directly push consumers away.

In addition, supermarket owners often place popular brand items in the middle of store aisles. Before reaching them, regardless of the direction from which they come, customers are forced to pass through other unnecessary items first. In other words, supermarkets do their best to make you buy items you don’t even need!

By the way, have you noticed that the entrees are few and often distributed at the extremities? Enough to make you walk more to have an overview of all the products. Even background music and scents are functional to create an atmosphere that makes the interior much more attractive. We almost don’t want to get out!

Finally, did you notice the size of the carts? They are so wide that you can supply yourself for several weeks. The shopping cart has been specially designed to store many more products than those on your famous shopping list. Since it is quite large and you cannot see the bottom of it, it is normal that you do not know how many products you are already carrying. Obviously, once at the checkout, so as not to disturb all those who are waiting to pay, you will not have fun removing a whole range of products at the last minute. You end up taking out the credit card!

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