A Torrent Of Negative Energy Hits 3 Zodiac Signs In Early July

If some signs are about to live happy days in July, 3 zodiac profiles will live this summer month under the sign of annoyances. Worse still, they will live a real black series where the torments will be part of it. Mars in Taurus will come to bring a negative introspection.

Three zodiac profiles will have to arm themselves with courage because an important energy of negativity will be able to seize them. They may experience a particularly difficult period with its share of hassles and difficulties. Mars in Taurus will be responsible for a feeling of weariness.

What are the signs that will experience a strong energy of negativity from the first days of July?

The first days of July will be tinged with annoyances for 3 zodiac signs who may feel totally discouraged. Mars in Taurus, a somewhat grumpy zodiac profile, will bring negative energy to this beginning of the summer month. Mood swings are to be expected for the unlucky seventh month of the year. Upsetting events will be added to the list of their frustrations.



Capricorn – Source: spm

If this Earth sign known for his pragmatism and his great sense of work has every chance of complaining in this month of July, it is because his career will experience major disruptions. Discouraged, he will tend to let himself go and make mistakes that may be the subject of reprimands. Conflicts can affect the morale of Capricorn who needs to feel a sense of cohesion in his professional sphere. This zodiac profile will have the impression of providing a lot of effort for very little result. Mercury in Leo will bring an energy of deep dissatisfaction that can activate self-sabotage mechanisms. But that’s not all, this pragmatic of the zodiac will go through areas of turbulence with his life partner, which is not to help matters.


verseau1 Aquarius – Source: spm

Aquarius will be in a foul mood from the first days of July. Although there are no notable events that can really upset him, his mind is clouded with negative thoughts. Anxiety can take hold of this sign prone to mood swings. It is for this reason that he himself will initiate unnecessary conflicts with his relatives. He may feel out of step and have the feeling of being misunderstood. Only, he will refuse all the hands that reach out to him and will tend to sink into victimization. Mercury in Leo will amplify this individualism which does not push him forward. It is recommended that this Air sign take a step back to better analyze their thoughts. Sometimes taking time before uttering hurtful words is necessary.



Aries – Source: spm

The main reason why Aries may have a bad time during the first days of July is that he may experience significant financial worries. At issue: unforeseen expenses that multiply for obscure reasons. Mercury in Gemini, a sign known for its recklessness, will make it more spendthrift. Unfortunately, this Fire sign will have to assume its responsibilities and face a long lean period. The professional life of this zodiac profile will not be in good shape since he will experience a significant feeling of weariness. Result: he will let himself go, which will be quite appreciated by the hierarchy who will quickly make him understand. This will therefore not be the time to ask for the increase he was so keen on to be more comfortable financially. This bad situation affects those close to Aries on whom the latter pours out his anger out of powerlessness. He must refrain from uttering hurtful words against those around him because this is unfair and unproductive.

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