What is the small hole in the lid of the Thermos for? An unknown but useful function


Versatile, practical and very functional, thermos bottles are great everyday partners: at the office, on a walk or anywhere else, they are ideal for keeping tea or coffee hot. In fact, thermoses are insulated containers that allow the temperature of drinks to be kept and maintained longer, whether they are colder or hotter. But these insulated bottles hold a secret that very few people know about. In your opinion, why does the lid of the thermos contain a hole? What would be its use?

The thermos hole has an important role to play!

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You’ve probably noticed: many thermoses have a hole in the top of their lids. Does this violate the principle of insulation from within? In a way yes. But this design is not here by chance, it has a purpose. In fact, it has a particular action, especially when the stored liquids, being at high temperatures, pass to their gaseous state. When this happens, the pressure inside the thermos increases, since its storage capacity is limited and the gas then occupies the space. Precisely, if this orifice did not exist, when opening the mouthpiece, it is quite possible that the coffee or any other hot drink will end up being expelled in all directions and burning your face. This phenomenon results from the pressure accumulated by the internal gases which thus risk escaping violently at the same time as the liquid.

Consequently, the presence of this hole is far from accidental. Although it slightly reduces the effectiveness of the thermal insulation of the bottle, it avoids accidents of this type and this is not negligible.

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    Thermos of different colors – Source: spm

Now that you have satisfied your curiosity about the functionality of this famous hole on the lid of your thermos, it is time to move on to another equally important aspect. Because, although this insulated bottle is very practical and ergonomic, it does not prevent it from accumulating a lot of dirt and bacteria. As you use it often, its maintenance is fundamental. Between limescale deposits and tea or coffee residues, it is necessary to disinfect your thermos properly between each use.

Here are some good tips to clean them properly:

  • To remove the rest of the coffee in a thermos, simply fill the container with a solution of water and baking soda or baking powder. These are powerful cleaning products to banish lime deposits, eliminate stains and bad odors. Leave the mixture in the thermos for about 2 hours. Then rinse the thermal mug under running water. In this way, you will not only eliminate coffee residues, but you will also get rid of unpleasant smells, especially if the drink has been left in the thermos for too long.
  • When the thermos bottle is used frequently, the limestone ends up encrusting itself inside. One of the most effective ways to descale this container is to apply a very effective citric acid remedy. The latter offers an extremely versatile action: it cleans, disinfects and refreshes the thermos. Rest assured, it’s completely safe, even if you don’t rinse the container thoroughly, you won’t risk getting a nasty stomach upset. Dissolve this disinfectant product in a little water and pour the solution into the thermos. Let it sit for about minutes. Then empty the bottle: wash it carefully with water and a little washing-up liquid.
  • You may not have known it, but there is also an infallible weapon against limescale, rust and scale: Coca Cola. Yes, yes, this soft drink has unexpected and unsuspected cleansing properties. You will only have to fill the thermos with the black liquid and let it act for a few hours. Then pour into the sink and rinse the bottle with clear water.

Good to know : before using the thermos for the first time, it must first be scalded as a precaution. How to do ? Just pour in the previously boiled water, wait a few minutes and empty it. Thus protected, it will be operational to be in contact with different types of food products.

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