Pour the pasta cooking water over the plants: the genius trick that few people know

Often, after making pasta, we pour the water directly into the sink. However, this is a mistake because it will allow you to enjoy a major advantage: taking care of your plants. Find out how to use it to have beautiful cultures!

The pasta water is often thrown into the sink without being able to fully benefit from its benefits. And for good reason, beyond taking care of your plants, it can allow you to enjoy other unsuspected advantages. It is for this reason that it should be kept as often as possible!

The pasta cooking water is very useful for watering the plants. This technique is little known but it can give important nutrients to your plants in pots or sown in your garden.

Perfect as water for plants

Cooking pasta to get water – source: spm

Watering is essential plants to keep them healthy. Only, it is not necessary to use mineral water or tap water.

You can recycle the pasta cooking water, which you have to let it cool first. It should not be used if it has been salted beforehand.

When these conditions are met, it should be poured into a watering can to irrigate your plants.

You will notice the benefits in a short time because the water in question is rich in starch and mineral salts. This way, you will fertilize the soil without using fertilizer!

Recycle pasta cooking water

Watering plants – source: spm

There are different ways to recycle pasta cooking water.

  • Bring shine to your hair: This seems like an unusual trick but it works. With the pasta water you can give your hair a beautiful shine. To do this, carefully pour the cooled water over your head. The hair must be completely wet beforehand. Let the water sit for ten minutes. Then rinse with clean water or with a mild shampoo.
  • Soak legumes: Lentils, beans, chickpeas…many legumes need to be soaked before cooking, preferably overnight. This shortens cooking times, saves energy and, above all, makes these foods more digestible. Rather than using water, you can also soak them in pasta water.
  • Use for Soups and Stews: As with sauces, you can also add cooking water to any soup or stew. To do this, simply pour the pasta water into them. The starch in the water thickens the soup a bit.
  • Degrease the dishes: Cleaning dirty dishes with the pasta cooking water allows you to use very little soap and to obtain perfectly degreased and shiny dishes. Just fill the sink with the cooking water, let the dishes soak for a few minutes then rinse with a sponge and dishwashing liquid.
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