How to protect your hair at the seaside?

In summer, you have to adapt your hair to the new temperatures and ambient humidity. Especially since when you go on vacation, your hair can be weakened because you don’t have the same daily routine and you think more about enjoying your vacation than taking care of your hair. Nevertheless, if you choose a seaside resort for your holidays, the hair must be protected so as not to be exposed to all external aggressions, such as the sun or sea water.

Discover how to protect your hair with a simple object when you are at sea. It will change your life and make your hair routine easier.

femme plage

A young woman at the beach – Source: spm

Hair is often more fragile during the summer period than the rest of the year. When subjected to very high or very low temperatures, the hair becomes very dry and brittle. On vacation, to protect them from the sun and sea water, you have an object that will allow you to provide them with infallible protection.

– Use a hat to protect your hair at sea

The hat – Source: spm

The sun tends to weaken the keratin of your hair and dry out the hair fibre. Damaged hair becomes more difficult to style and maintain on a daily basis and split ends may appear on your lengths and ends. If you have colored hair, the sun can alter the pigments of your coloring and degrade the color of your hair. To protect yourself from these external hazards, it is important to protect your hair with a hat. If you are on vacation at the sea, it is the accessory of the summer and it will go perfectly with your swimsuit on the beach. It will bring an original touch to your style and can protect you from the UV rays of the sun.

Another tip to protect your hair at the beach

se baigner a la mer

se baigner a la mer

Bathing in the sea – Source: spm

He is not It’s obvious not to get your hair wet when you’re at sea. You’re on vacation and the first thing you think about is diving headfirst into the water. However, it is strongly discouraged to do so because damp hair is more fragile. Salt and sand won’t help protect your hair in the summer if you don’t protect it. Indeed, they can lead to mechanical abrasion of the hair and lift the scales. In addition, if you have highlighted or colored hair, it is not recommended to put it in contact with sea water which contains salt and iodine. It promotes oxidation by lifting the scales of your hair with coloring.

Unprotected hair can thus become duller, rougher and drier to the touch. The best solution is to pull them up and tie them up so they don’t get wet when you want to swim. If you still take a sea bath and your hair is soaked, you can rinse it with clear water. This will free them from the crystals and protect your hair from the harmful effects of salt water.

To preserve your hair fiber, consider adding protective oils, such as coconut oil or sweet almond oil to your hair routine when you are at sea. It will protect them from the sun and sea water by forming a protective barrier.

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