Why do we need to wet the ends of the curtains? The brilliant idea for the summer

The curtain is not only a decoration piece. In addition to filtering the brightness from the sun’s rays, it makes the house more welcoming and warm. However, this decorative element can have a completely different use, especially in summer. If you wet its ends, you will be amazed at the result!

Do you know this trick which consists in humidifying the curtains? It is simple and practical during the summer period. Apply it without delay to fully enjoy your home.

What happens when the curtains in the house are damp?

The curtain is a decorative element in its own right. In addition, it serves to reduce the intensity of the sun’s rays and therefore to attenuate light and dust. By moistening its extremities, it could solve a common everyday problem.

– Humidify the curtains to counter the heat in your home

Rideaux 6

Rideaux 6

Curtains – Source: spm

In summer, Beating the heat can be a tedious task. Fortunately, a solution exists to help you cool the house without resorting to the air conditioner. It is enough to moisten the ends of the curtains before going to sleep, remembering to keep the windows open. By doing this, you can enjoy the pleasant breeze that passes through the curtains during the night. It is recommended to use ice cold water to take advantage of a few additional degrees less. Similarly, a wet cloth, such as a damp sheet or towel, can be hung in front of the window.

At the like damp curtains, other means can be used to cool the house

During very hot weather, the air can quickly become unbreathable. Fortunately, these other tricks will help you easily bring down the temperature in your home.

– Place ice cubes in front of the fan to cool the house

In order to create a feeling of freshness inside the house, it is possible to use the fan in other ways. To do this, fill a container or a bowl that you tilt in front of the device while it is running. The projected air being in direct contact with the ice will lower the temperature of your room and produce an impression of sea breeze. It is also possible to install a wet towel on the machine or place a bottle of frozen water in front of the fan.

– Install plants inside of the House

Plants interior – Source: spm

In addition to bringing a decorative touch to your interior, green plants can help you lower the temperature inside the house. Known for absorbing heat and releasing humidity, plants will be a perfect solution to cool the house. To do this, place them on window sills or in the main rooms of the house. Then opt for the large-leaved palm, the Boston fern or the Sansevieria, plants that tolerate heat and are easy to maintain.

– Regularly wet the floor of the house

To keep the house cool, nothing better than a little swipe. With strong heat, the water used to clean the floor will easily evaporate, thus creating a breath of fresh air at the slightest draft. All you have to do is moisten the floor and let it dry by opening the windows.

– Unplug electronic devices in the house

Bouton dalimentation dun appareil electromenager

Button supply of a household appliance – Source: spm

One thing is certain, household appliances are a real source of heat. Turning them off after use could reduce the temperature inside the house by a few degrees. The same applies to appliances that diffuse hot air such as the oven or hob.

No need to invest in an air conditioning to fight against the heat. A simple wet curtain can do the trick. Do not hesitate to try the other tips to permanently lower the temperature inside your home.

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