How to recognize meat that is no longer good with the tip of the finger?

Do you usually buy your meat at the supermarket? But what are your techniques for knowing its freshness? Certainly, there are all kinds of meat and the prices are also very variable. But to protect your health and that of your loved ones, it is vital to have the guarantee that this meat is in perfect condition, healthy and nutritional. To avoid any possible risk, we are going to provide you with some advice on how to check the product carefully before buying it in supermarkets.

Beef, minced meat, tenderloin, veal… You have the lots of choice. But in order not to fall on low-end meat, it is important to pay attention to certain essential parameters: its smell, its color or its texture are all clues that should not be overlooked when buying meat. Of course, drastic conservation measures must also be taken to avoid premature deterioration. How do you know if the meat you buy is not spoiled or soon to expire? Follow the guide.

A simple finger test

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Buy meat – Source: spm

In the supermarket, it is always very important to check the freshness of the meat. You should know that after only a few hours out of the refrigerator, bacteria and mold can greatly deteriorate the meat. It should also be noted that even if the meat is slightly spoiled, without showing any signs of rotting, it can lead to serious health complications. Especially in the case of fragile people with weak immune defenses.

Finally, one of the best ways to check the freshness of meat, through its packaging, is to a simple finger test. Squeeze its surface with your fingertips, then remove them immediately. Immediately observe the affected part: if you notice that the meat immediately goes back into place, it means that it is very fresh. In concrete terms, this means that the water level in the product is good and the meat is ready to eat. On the other hand, if you notice that this part remains fixed under the effect of the pressure and that it does not return to its initial shape, it means that this piece of meat is no longer sufficiently fresh. Better to choose another one!

The big advantage of this quick test, in a large area, is that you can touch the meat without having to remove the packaging . Unlike most butcher shops which sell meat that you cannot handle to determine its freshness.

Examine everyone’s meat carefully the sides

After performing the test, it is still necessary to check the color of the meat.

  • In general, the color light pink, pearly or downright bright red (beef) indicates that the animal has been fed with nutritious food: the meat is thus fresh and healthy.

    If the color of the fat (on the surface) starts to turn yellow, do not buy it. It has a very unpleasant singular taste.

  • Also take a look at the texture: good meat is necessarily tender and smooth. If you feel that it is rather dry like rubber, its freshness is no longer there.

    Check the expiry date

    Meat sold in a supermarket – Source: spm

    Naturally, when it comes to meat quality, the best before date is an indicator of weight. Therefore, first of all, always check the label of plastic packaging. If it is expired, if it expires the same day or if you do not detect a precise date, we advise you not to buy it, whatever the price.

    Also, take care to check that the packaging has not been opened, because if so, the bacteria have already taken up residence there. Also check that the pieces of meat are all similar: some pieces of dubious appearance or pieces that are too fatty may be hiding there. Indeed, there are some industrial trays that can mix poor quality pieces.

    By following these tips carefully, you will be sure to consume safer and healthier meat . As a bonus, you will avoid waste and save money!

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