Why should wet oven mitts be avoided? The reason is important

Whether you are a cordon bleu, a culinary lover or do it out of necessity, cooking is part of the daily life of many people. But when you are behind the stove, no one is ever safe from a burn: frying, baking dishes or using hot pots are not without risk. Also, out of caution and safety, many people willingly opt for wearing gloves in the kitchen. But did you know that they can cause serious damage if worn wet?

Oven mitts are useful in every household. Especially if you cook a lot of dishes or cakes in the oven. In fact, they are even irreplaceable: they speed up work and protect hands from burns. With these thick gloves, you can safely remove the hot plate from the oven or the pan from the stove. You just have to take this important little detail into account!

Why should you avoid wearing wet oven mitts?

Wear oven mitts – Source: spm

You are used to leaving your oven mitts lying around no matter Where ? Some hang them by the sink, others put them on a damp shelf, and still others use them outright to wipe down the counter instead of a rag. Very bad habit!

Already, you should know that the glove is generally made of a material that absorbs moisture very badly. It cannot therefore replace the cloth. But more importantly, many people don’t know that a wet oven mitt can pose a threat to your skin when cooking. Indeed, serious burns can occur when you wear wet gloves and touch a hot surface. Because when this material is wet, it does not protect your skin, quite the contrary.

In a study conducted at Oklahoma State University, researchers found that wearing of a damp glove, exposed to temperatures close to 180°C or even more, can cause third degree burns in just one second. This also applies to putting wet hands in the glove.

So be very careful and always make sure to wear dry gloves.

In addition, experts also point out that replacing gloves with a towel or cloth is a bad idea. Because they have not been designed to protect the skin against high temperatures and you therefore risk burning your hands.

Keep your dry silicone gloves!

Oven mitts near the oven – Source: spm

Important thing to remember: never use wet gloves. Only a dry material guarantees adequate protection against high temperatures. It is important to note that this also applies to silicone utensils. And of course, before you hold a pot or a hot dish, be sure to prepare the place to put them. The longer you keep the hot pan in your hands, the higher the risk of burning.

Good to know : Silicone gloves should also be kept dry inside and out, although they do not seem also sensitive to water. While some are labeled as waterproof, others may have a cotton lining. Keeping them dry will therefore always reduce the risk of burns.

Remember that this kind of domestic accident in the kitchen can happen at any time, either by accidental contact with the oven or frying pan, either by splashing oil when frying, or by spilling boiling water from the pan. It is also important to note that children and the elderly are most at risk. Prudence is the mother of safety…

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