Full Moon July 13, 2022: These Zodiac Signs Will Be Strongly Impacted

The 13 July, the Full Moon moves into Capricorn! This is an ideal time to take a step back, refocus on the essentials and plan for the future. With the energy of Capricorn, the professional sphere will be in the spotlight. For some zodiac signs, it will be time to become aware of past experiences to improve their future life. Discover the effect of the Full Moon on your zodiac sign!

The Full Moon of 20 July is considered a Super Full Moon due to its position close to Earth . This situation, which heralds a period not conducive to spontaneity, will have an influence on the daily life of all the signs of the zodiac. Certain character traits will come to light.

How will the July Full Moon impact your zodiac sign?

Being an Earth sign ruled by Saturn, Capricorn is synonymous with hard work and individual responsibility. Its association with the Full Moon will thus have an impact on professional life and personal accomplishments. Now is the time to prove yourself, review your goals and realize your ambitions.


belier pleine lune

Aries – Source: spm

Aries will be particularly exposed to July Full Moon. If his many efforts have not been recognized so far, this sign of Fire will benefit from this astral situation which will highlight his many exploits. He now has all the resources to improve his career.


The Full Moon increases the motivation of Taurus tenfold and awakens their sense of spirituality. All the answers to his problems are hidden deep within his soul. If he wants to improve his life, then he will have to focus on his own needs. Only then will he be able to move forward serenely.


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lion pleine luneGemini – Source: spm

It’s the perfect time to change your habits and review your priorities. The full moon pushes the native of Gemini to part with things that are of no use to him to achieve a greater goal.


This is the perfect time to reconnect with those around you. The Full Moon encourages Cancer to recognize their strengths and weaknesses to turn the page on the past and move forward. It will be a question of finding an intimate way to rekindle the flame within the couple.


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Lion – Source: spm

The native of Leo will have to make certain adjustments in his daily routine. No more parties and outings! The new Leo is serious and determined in his work. But that’s no reason to neglect your well-being and health.


The Full Moon in Capricorn gives Virgo time to think about themselves. This is a unique opportunity to relax and have fun. Thanks to the position of the moon, his creative spirit resurfaces, which greatly improves his life model.


Balance – Source: spm

This month, the Full Moon teaches the native of Libra the importance of rest. He may feel the urgency to achieve his goals but will need above all to recharge his batteries to achieve this.


Scoprio is overwhelmed with negative vibes in July. The Full Moon encourages him to review his way of communicating and to separate himself from certain thought patterns that confuse his mind. Scorpio will need to restructure their life in their own way to relearn how to live better.


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Sagittarius – Source: spm

Sagittarius needs to feel safe. He then concentrates on material matters to meet his basic needs. The Full Moon grants him the time necessary to organize his life in such a way as to obtain greater financial flexibility.


With this super Full Moon, Capricorn seeks to identify all bad habits in order to gradually eliminate them. By operating these transformations, he will no longer have to worry about his work or his family life. He will also be mentally and physically prepared to help others.


The Full Moon offers the possibility for Aquarius to review their priorities and focus on the essentials. Room for introspection and self-reflection. Thanks to this situation, he will be able to answer all the questions that torment him on a daily basis.


Pisces – Source: spm

The native of Pisces will feel the love and support of others this month and it will be thanks to the July Full Moon. At work, he positions himself as a leader with his colleagues and demonstrates a great sense of persuasion with his hierarchical superiors.

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