The secret to having beautiful geraniums: these little details make all the difference

Happy are those who grow geraniums at home. This herbaceous perennial plant offers a splendid flowering in summer! Big star of the summer and lord of the balcony, the geranium enchants the eyes with its superb flowers in different colors that bring a real lush touch to the environment. But there’s no mystery: if you don’t care for them properly, your geraniums will fade. However, some small details, not insignificant, can make all the difference. Want to know the secret to having beautiful geranium planters on your windows and balconies all summer long? Follow these helpful tips.

geraniums bords fenetre

Geraniums on window edges – Source: spm

Geraniums reveal sublime flowers. But, like other plants, they are very demanding and require very special care.

  • First important step: planting. To make them more resistant, you can mix garden soil with sand and peat. This will also allow water to drain more easily. Always opt for a rich soil, with the addition of a fertilizer specially adapted to this plant which promotes abundant flowering. And to improve the drainage process, do not hesitate to add a few clay balls.
  • You notice with dismay that your geraniums no longer grow? If their roots seem to be choking in the pot, then the plant should immediately be moved to a larger and more spacious pot, in order to avoid crowding the flowers and drying out the stems.
  • When it comes to watering, balcony geraniums need water, but not too much either. It is best to wait until the substrate is dry before watering them, to avoid rotting the roots. Keep in mind that this plant is extremely sensitive to humidity. Overwatering can cause your geraniums to get sick easily. This is why it is absolutely necessary to keep an eye on the drainage. Therefore, do not forget to pierce the pots.
  • At least twice a week, watch for the planters to remove any faded flowers. Always cut flower stalks in half to stimulate the growth of new shoots. Geraniums should be cleaned as often as possible if you want them to bloom properly. This prevents the appearance of fungi on the dead parts of the plant. As for the fact of removing the dry leaves in the pots, it is not only for aesthetics, it is above all to help the new leaves to grow in the best conditions. So, to prevent all kinds of diseases, get rid of all stained, browned or dried out leaves.

Sick geranium leaf – Source: spm

Useful advice to follow for a beautiful flowering of geraniums

If you choose fragrant geraniums with fragrant foliage, which are suitable both in the apartment and in the garden, you should know that this species needs a lot of light and grows very well in the sun. Consequently, these plants will adapt just as well in the middle of the garden as in a planter on a sunny balcony.

Remember that geraniums need a good potting soil mixed with a little sand and a small amount of clay. The pot must be as perforated as possible to facilitate the flow of water: but, above all, avoid drowning the roots! Caution is required with watering. We repeat, too much water can be fatal to your geraniums.

Some more delicate species look great on balconies, window boxes or hanging pots . These plants need a lot of light, but they should not be exposed to direct sunlight, especially during hot weather. They should only be watered at the root once a day, especially in hot weather.

Little tip: in order to eliminate the surplus of flowers and preserve a beautiful flowering, you can water with boiled then cooled water.

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