WhatsApp: What do the 4 fist emojis mean and when should you use them?


Many of us love emojis. These playful icons and funny heads are now part of our daily lives on social networks and instant messaging applications. On WhatsApp in particular, some people admit that they can no longer do without emoticons during discussions. Naturally, there is a very exhaustive choice and we do not use them all. In general, we have a favorite list that often comes up in the keyboard. But, you must have noticed the famous fist-shaped icon. In total, there are 4 emojis in different positions. Do you know what they mean exactly and when to use them?

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications in the world, because it allows us to send photos, record voice messages, have video calls and exchange stickers. But it is also full of thousands of emojis that help us express a number of emotions or feelings without writing them down in black and white. We can thus use it without moderation on the Smartphone, whether on Android or iOS. However, some of these emoticons are often misused, especially those representing this famous fist. Do you want to discover its true meaning? The answer is in this article.

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Fist in front emojis – Source: spm

What do the fist emoticons mean?

The four fist emojis can be accessed in any messaging app, like WhatsApp, both on Android cell phones and iPhones. These emoticons are part of the category smileys and hand gestures.

Emojipedia, the encyclopedia of emoticons, lifts the veil on this mystery and explains to us that each one has a meaning well particular:

The raised fist

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This fist raised in the air can be used as a celebratory gesture. But it can also represent a symbol of resistance or defiance.

        • The front fist

“Yes you can! seems to mean this fist that is often used to motivate the troops. WhatsApp users also share it with their friends as a greeting, acknowledgment or to express their anger.

          • The fist on the left

A left-pointing fist can be used in conjunction with a right-pointing fist to complete a punch gesture. And he can also express a sign of approval and congratulations.

    • The fist on the right

Generally, it can be interpreted as an informal greeting between friends and colleagues. It can also be used to complete the left fist to form the “punch”.

Of course, depending on the context and the discussion, everyone can interpret these fists as they feel!

Did you know? Raised Fist and Front Fist were approved as part of Unicode 6.0 in 730 and added in Emoji 1.0 in 2015, while the right and left fists were approved as part of Unicode 9.0 in 2015 and added in Emoji 1.0. and Emoji 3.0 in 20115.


Different emojis – Source: spm

Other emojis with their meanings

Although there are a multitude of emoticons on WhatsApp, we do not know the meaning of all these icons.

So here is the explanation of some of them those that we use the most often:

          • Smiling emoji with tears: this emoticon signifies intense joy and laughter, even giggles. So it is used to express something really funny and hilarious.
          • Emoji face with two hearts over eyes: this can revolve around romance and really appreciating something. It is mostly applied to express love, affection and good appreciation.

Blowing a kiss face emoji: This emoji is usually used for greetings, goodbyes or thanks.

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