WhatsApp: the ingenious trick to read a message deleted by the sender


Who has never regretted having sent a message on WhatsApp? It can happen to all of us to send a message by mistake to the wrong recipient or to mistake the wrong group without warning. And, let’s admit that this kind of embarrassing little accident can cost us dearly! Imagine sending private content to your significant other and it gets into your boss’s hands? Hard, hard… Just as it happens not to think and to act impulsively under the influence of emotion: after sending the message, we immediately regret it and delete it in stride. All these situations are common on this instant messaging application. And, while this was not possible until recent years, many users have warmly welcomed WhatsApp’s initiative: the option to delete messages has saved many people and avoided a lot of inconvenience. Except that here it is not infallible, since there is a clever way to circumvent it and find out what is hidden behind the deleted messages. The most curious of you will find their account there!

You accidentally sent a message to the wrong person and you immediately deleted it? In this case, either this contact will ask you nicely what it was about, or he will not pay attention to it and quickly let go of the matter, or he will be tortured to the point of trying at all costs to know the content. No need to harass the recipient anymore, he will have the means to discover it on his own via this new trick.

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Reading the screen of his phone – source: spm

WhatsApp does not allow you to recover deleted messages in individual or group conversations. For a question of ethics, the platform wants to preserve the security and confidentiality of its users. Therefore, to satisfy your curiosity, you will have to use an external application called “Notisave”. It is safe, free and available on Google Play.

Once installed on your mobile phone, the application records all the WhatsApp conversations you receive via notifications. The only thing you have to do is go there, be guided by the dates and times of the notifications you received, and find that deleted message.

However , it is important to understand that “Notisave” does not recover deleted message directly from WhatsApp chats. In fact, the app takes screenshots of the notifications you receive on your mobile. In other words, until you activate this feature, you will not have access to old messages that have been deleted.

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Use the WhatsApp application on your phone – source: spm

You should know that the operating system of your Smartphone Android automatically saves the history of all notifications from apps installed on your device. They are all grouped together in a specific area. Regarding WhatsApp, all the messages you receive are also listed, even those that were later deleted by your contacts. Thus, there is always a way to have access to this information stored by default in your mobile phone.

If you want to recover certain messages on WhatsApp, even after they have been deleted, it you just need to install the “Notification History” application available on Google Play Store. You must agree to its privacy policy and give it all necessary permissions for Accessibility and Access to notifications.

From now on, you will be able to take a look at all deleted messages in your WhatsApp chats.

Can I view or recover deleted messages before installing notification history ?

Of course, the answer is no. The “Notification History” and “Notisave” applications automatically save the history of notifications at the time of installation: of course, they do not have the power to recover those you received before their installation.

Good to know 342491: sometimes it there may be a problem with the lack of a copy of the message history. That’s why, it’s always a better idea to backup all your WhatsApp messages, in case you need to recover older data.

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