These are the things you should never leave in the car when it’s hot: you may regret it


In very hot weather, caution is required. Children, the elderly and animals are sensitive and fragile beings who must be protected from heat. But did you know that certain objects should never be left in the car in hot weather?

Although the car is an essential daily tool, allowing its owner to circulate in complete serenity and to transport everything he needs, it should not be considered as a storage space. When the ambient temperature increases significantly, certain objects must be stored in a considered manner and must not be exposed to the sun or to high temperatures.

Objects not to be left in the car in hot weather

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High heat in the car. Source: spm

When it’s hot and you’re struggling to find a parking space, you sometimes rush out of your vehicle once it is parked and run about your business. However, it happens that in a rush, you forget certain objects in your car that cannot withstand high heat.

To help you adopt the right gestures and the right reflexes, here is a list of items you should never leave in your car in stifling heat.

    1. Summer heat can affect your medication in the car

You are aware that medicines must be stored under special conditions and cannot withstand high temperatures. It should neither be too hot nor too cold. Moreover, the leaflet certainly indicates it, since certain medicines must be kept at room temperature while others must be placed in the refrigerator.

If you keep them or forget in your car in extreme conditions especially when the temperature exceeds 40°, they can lose their stability and efficiency.

In times of heat, do not leave your sun protection tubes in the car

As for your medication, you have to be very careful with your sun protection. Do not forget your tube in the car because exposure to high heat could not only shorten its shelf life but also alter the freshness of the product. Its effectiveness could be reduced and its smell could bother you.

Your food should avoid heatstroke

    Stay hydrated during the heat wave. Source: spm

Not only does the heat risk altering the taste of your food if it is left too long in the car in high temperatures, but they could be spoiled. A bottle of wine, soft drinks or even dairy products can become problematic if they are locked in the car. Some can melt, others can lose their flavor and in some cases, bacteria proliferate inside the food and can become dangerous for people’s health. Not to mention the fact that food left in your car at high temperatures could release strong odors.

In oppressive heat, do not leave a lighter in the car

To avoid the risk of ruining your lighter due to the melting of the plastic contained inside, and causing a fire, do not leave it or flammable liquids in your vehicle when it is hot. Vapers and other electronic cigarettes are also dangerous objects that should not be left in the car in case of high temperatures. It is recommended to take them with you or keep them in a cool place.

    1. Extreme heat is the enemy of your electronic devices
      Telephones, electronic organizers, tablets and laptops should not be left in the car in extreme heat. Have you ever experienced this by leaving your computer in the trunk of your vehicle? You may have noticed that your battery was empty.

          1. During the summer heat, deodorants are to be banned from your car when stationaryWhether it’s your deodorant spray, your hair mousse in its aluminum bottle or your thermal spring water spray, it’s imperative to take care to keep your cosmetic products well. In full sun, they can also suffer from the heat which can damage the container, expand it and cause it to explode. Sprays cannot withstand heat, it is also indicated on the containers of your products.

            In times of high heat, check your vehicle before leaving it , especially during the hottest hours.

            Furthermore, to beat the heat, remember to hydrate and cool down to lower your body temperature. Hyperthermia can be dangerous during heat waves, which is why it is necessary to cool down, using an atomizer or a simple fan and hydrate with fresh water, to regulate your temperature. It is also advisable to wear light and loose clothing. If you are an elderly person, stay cool during the heat wave to avoid feeling unwell.

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