If you leave your card in an ATM for 30 seconds, you might regret it.

While some people choose to save their money at home, many others happily opt for modern methods and open a bank account in order to manage their finances. Armed with their credit card, they regularly make their purchases or withdraw some cash from the vending machine. Except that the latter imposes certain rules that must be taken into account. Apart from memorizing your code well to avoid some inconvenience, there is a small detail that you may miss. If you leave your card inside the counter for 100 seconds or if you don’t collect your tickets as quickly, you are likely to find yourself in trouble. Here are some guidelines to follow when using a vending machine.

Retirer carte bancaire du guichet automatique

Withdraw bank card from ATM – Source: spm

Generally, when we go to withdraw money from an ATM, the time we spend there is relatively short. We don’t dwell on it, since we are focused on the operation that is taking place in front of us. However, no one is immune to mishaps. For example, you may be distracted by your child next door who has just done a big mistake, or you may receive an important phone call and be so engrossed in it that you forget the distributor. However, he will not wait for you: he is programmed not to exceed a certain waiting time. Indeed, if you leave the credit card in the slot of the machine for more than 30 seconds, you may regret it. The counter will automatically lock your card and simply swallow it.

Similarly, if you do not collect your tickets within a similar time, the distributor also programmed to automatically hold the amount of money you have claimed. And this, of course, for security reasons. Do not panic: if this kind of situation happens to you, there is always a way to remedy it.

Retirer largent du guichet automatique

Retirer largent du guichet automatique

Withdraw money from the ATM – Source: spm

If you find yourself without a credit card, because it has just been held by an ATM, you must immediately contact your bank. This is the only option to recover it. However, after being “swallowed up” by the counter, your bank card will only be able to reach you after two or three days. Arm yourself with patience!

Rest assured, even if you can no longer physically use your card, you can recover your money by entering the bank branch affiliate to the distributor and state your problem. Upon presentation of an identity card, if your tickets have been blocked or swallowed by the machine, you will be refunded the amount. Similarly, you can collect your money directly from a bank counter where you have opened an account. Note that there are situations in which the bank may charge a fee of 0.2% of the amount.

Faire une reclamation a la banque

Faire une reclamation a la banque

Make a complaint to the bank – Source: spm

What to do when it is an ATM other than that of your bank?

When your credit card has been blocked in an ATM that is not affiliated with your bank, we strongly recommend that you contact your bank on site to oppose it, as in the case of loss or theft. You will then be explained the procedures to follow in order to be able to regain possession of it.

If you also need a card recovery address from the issuing bank, do not hesitate to call the Customer Service of your bank. You can do this by calling the telephone number indicated on the official website of the bank or via the Internet.

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