The trick to get rid of gray hair without using chemical dye

Women’s finery, healthy and beautiful hair has always been an essential criterion of beauty for women. Except that we can not escape the inevitable: one day or another, gray or white hair begins to emerge. Often at an advanced stage of life, but sometimes also in the prime of life. And for many women, this situation is difficult to live with. Because this unwanted gray hair is a reflection of the passage of time and looming old age. And, as a general rule, especially in our current societies, beauty and youth have primacy. The majority thus tries by all means to camouflage these greyish locks. However, multiplying expensive and often aggressive dyes for the hair fiber is not necessarily the most advantageous solution. Have you considered testing some alternative methods? Nature is full of natural products that can make all the difference. Quickly discover this home remedy that will sublimate your hair!

Having gray hair is not inevitable, it is part of the cycle of life. Usually, physiologically, the first locks of this type appear after the age of 40 year. But, when it happens prematurely, many women do not yet feel ready to accept this hair upheaval. To hide these isolated locks, most invest substantial sums at the hairdresser. However, these constant dyes can damage the scalp over time. However, it is quite possible to cover this gray hair in a gentle and economical way.

Des cheveux gris

Gray hair – Source: spm

Where does gray hair come from? It all depends on two pigments

In order to properly treat this problem, it is useful to know where it comes from. Thus, nestled in the epidermis, the melanocytes are the cells responsible for the coloring of our hair, but also for skin pigmentation, and therefore for the color of our skin. They produce melanin, a natural pigment that protects against the sun’s ultraviolet rays and promotes the brown color of the tan.

There are two types of melanin:

  • Eumelanin
  • Pheomelanin

    It is these pigments, naturally present in our body, whose quantity will determine the color of our mane. The appearance of gray locks results from changes that occur in the hair roots. As the body ages, the melanocytes function less and less, which reduces the amount of melanin produced. Therefore, when the locks are devoid of pigment, they become white or slightly yellow, hence the formation of gray hair.

    Du cafe pou teindre les

    Coffee to dye hair – Source: spm

    Si you want to get rid of the first gray hairs without going through the dye box at the hairdresser, you can use an effective method: nutritional supplementation with melatonin (hormone) and biotin (vitamin B8). You should know that a biotin deficiency most often causes hair loss, brittle nails or peeling skin. Melatonin, on the other hand, will fill the natural deficiencies of this pigment. Its operation is to deliver directly to the hair follicles, essential to inhibit the graying process, melanin (which promotes hair coloring) and biotin which will stimulate the hair follicles and prevent hair graying.

    Opt for food supplements to compensate for deficiencies. You can also bet on the following foods:

    • To boost the secretion of melatonin: poultry, fish, brown rice, banana, eggs, dates, soy, almond nuts…
  • Stock up on biotin: mushrooms, egg yolks, lentils, beans, kidneys, yeast…

    Eliminer les cheveux gris

    Eliminer les cheveux gris

    Eliminate gray hair – Source: spm

  • Test this homemade method cheap to hide your gray hair

    If gray hair is just starting to appear on your mane, we recommend this very promising home remedy: the coffee rinse. This treatment is designed to darken the hair, making gray streaks much less noticeable. In addition, this natural preparation stimulates hair growth (thanks to the caffeine content), prevents hair loss and makes it shinier, softer and easier to comb. However, for optimal results, it should not be a one-time treatment, but regular care.


    • In a saucepan, pour two glasses of water over a few tablespoons of freshly ground coffee and cook for a few minutes.
      • Drain and let cool.

      Pour the coffee rinse on your hair after shampooing.

        Leave the liquid act for about 20 minutes, then rinse your head.

    This treatment should be repeated two days in a row to achieve better coverage of gray hair.

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