How to use sugar to clean clothes?

When it comes to cleaning, we already knew that baking soda and vinegar are valuable assets. But they are not the only ones with formidable skills for your daily household chores. Your pantry is also equipped with ingredients bursting with unsuspected properties to stain, disinfect or shine various elements of your interior. Against all expectations, certain basic culinary products can be diverted in various ways, like salt, lemon or sugar. Does that surprise you? But yes, when it is not used to satisfy your sweet tooth, sugar can do wonders at home and even in the garden!

Sugar is a food product that the found in almost every home. Most often, it is used to give more taste and flavor to cakes and desserts. It is also used to sweeten tea, coffee or any other acidic drink. It’s hard to imagine it as a cleaning agent! And yet, our grandmothers used it regularly for much more unusual purposes and took full advantage of it to make their daily lives easier. Discover the little-known uses of this ingredient that hides its game well.

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Stained shirt – Source: spm

Sugar as the perfect stain remover

It may surprise you, but sugar is actually an excellent natural stain remover: its grains remove the most dirt and stains. persistent. Just sprinkle a small amount on the stained parts of the garment and leave it on for about an hour. Then wash your laundry as you normally do. As a bonus, sugar takes good care of the most delicate fabrics to clean, such as silk or satin.

Sugar, a natural insecticide for the garden

Admittedly, it is not a definitive solution either to combat garden pests, but it is a good natural alternative to chemical substances. A few regular sprays will help you save money and swap traditional pesticides for a more environmentally friendly method. Simply sprinkle it on grass, under trees and around crops to limit the harmful invasion of pests, especially nematodes or codling moths.

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Cockroaches in the toilets of the house – Source: spm

To eliminate the insects that infest the house

After the garden pests, let’s now move on to those inside. Sugar can also be used successfully to drive away insects that plague the house, such as bed bugs or cockroaches. Just mix two tablespoons of sugar with baking powder or baking soda. Sprinkle this solution in the areas most at risk. You will quickly notice that insects no longer appear there.

A great asset in the washing machine

Many people are unaware that sugar is particularly suitable for laundry. Its main advantage? It restores shine to dull clothes and fixes colors. If the colors of your favorite pieces have lost their bite, the intensity will be quickly regained thanks to a teaspoon of sugar in the washing machine. The sugar will act as a color protector and help your clothes regain their original appearance. So just pour this scoop into the dispenser of the machine during the rinsing mode. You will be impressed by the result.

Good to know: There is another simple way to revive the color of your black and dark clothes in general. Just brew a strong brew of coffee or tea. Add a liter of this drink to the drum of the washing machine. The black will regain more intensity and depth. Enough to enjoy your favorite pieces for longer!

Rusty pots and pans – Source: spm

Sugar is an excellent antirust

Yes, even rust does not scare grains of sugar! All your oxidized objects can find a second wind thanks to this natural remedy: in a bowl, mix a whole lemon juice with 3 tablespoons of sugar. A little too sweet for a little lemonade, but to remove the rust, this will do just fine! Use this well-mixed solution on items that contain rust. To try it is to adopt it!

Sugar to shine the silverware

After the rust, make way for silver pieces. If you want to restore shine to your blackened cutlery or your old jewellery, sugar is an ally of choice. In a bowl, mix 3 tablespoons of sugar with a tablespoon of rose water. Wait for the granules to melt properly. This solution is then used to clean all your silver items. Guaranteed shine!

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