Here's why the refrigerator should always be placed 10 centimeters from the wall

The refrigerator is an everyday appliance that must be taken care of by observing certain precautions. Find out why it should always be placed at 20 centimeters from the wall. This recommendation allows you to take advantage of invaluable advantages.

Did you know that you should always place your refrigerator at 20 centimeters from the wall? Following this instruction will allow you to enjoy better operation of this essential household appliance in any household.

Installing the refrigerator correctly is necessary for it to work well and not consume in excess, because these household appliances have compressors that give off heat. To keep them in good condition, it will be necessary to apply this advice.

Not directly against the wall

A badly placed refrigerator in the kitchen – Source: spm

It is important to leave a space between the refrigerator and the wall. If you don’t, the hot air can’t easily escape. Your device will need to work harder to be cool inside and will therefore use more energy.

It is also a good idea not to place it directly next to a radiator or from another heat source. If you do this, there will be very large temperature differences, which can also cause more condensation in the cooling space. Your refrigerator will then become humid inside and a good amount of ice will form.

Is your refrigerator near a heat source and you always have water inside the appliance? The reason is not the heat source. The most common cause of this phenomenon is a blockage in the drain hole. In this case, it is recommended to call a professional.

How far can I place my refrigerator from the walls?

Newer refrigerator models are larger due to the need for greater capacity and to accommodate more upper or lower freezer space. To allow for proper compressor ventilation, measure the refrigerator keeping in mind the following:

Side Clearance: Allow 2.54 centimeters on both sides of the device.

Back space: Leave a space of 2.5 to centimeters at the back of the refrigerator for good air circulation.

Upper space: Make sure there is have a minimum of 2.5 centimeters of space at the top of the device.

refrigérateur dans une cuisine

A refrigerator in a kitchen – Source: spm

Your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home. A clean refrigerator will not only allow you to preserve the flavor of food but also to keep it edible longer.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Use airtight containers for the rest of the food.
  • Label and date the rest of the food
  • Ensure good air circulation in the refrigerator by organizing storage and condensing packaging at the as you consume food.
  • Evaluate the contents of your refrigerator each week to assess food spoilage.
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