The trick to opening a can without using a can opener

Tin cans consist of a thin metal lid that can be difficult to open without a can opener if you don’t know the right technique. There are some ingenious tricks that can help you open a can without tool. These come in handy if you’re going on vacation and need to open some.

Whether it’s tuna, sauce or a salad, canned food is one of the staple foods on every shopping list. Only, you need a can opener to open them safely. Fortunately, there are tricks that will allow you to do without this tool.

While some can open a can with a knife, it can be difficult to do without this tool. . With the following tricks, you can open it more easily. Children should not try these methods and adults should be careful. And for good reason, the lids of tin cans can hurt you easily.

ouvrir boite de conserve

Open a tin can – Source: spm

Start by taking a spoon and squeeze it in the palm of your hand. Exert pressure on the groove of the box and make rapid back and forth movements. When you have formed a hole, make sure to enlarge it to open the can.

Tin cans in the pantry eating from the kitchen – Source: spm

The tin can can also be opened by rubbing it on a stone. Locate a pointed stone that you can put pressure on.

Place it on the stone and hold it firmly while you rub the box against the stone for 5 minutes. Press against it until you notice that the lid has come away from the edges. At this point, by pressing with your fingers, you can remove it quickly.

It is likely that the lid will not open completely during this action. You can remove it using a rag to avoid injury to fully open the box.

The knife trick

If you don’t have a can opener handy, you can use another trick with a knife. This is one of the most used methods. The advantage of this technique is that the object is present in every kitchen. The tip of the knife should be placed vertically on the lid of the box. Then gently tap the tip several times so that it slowly pierces the lid. Once you have a small opening, you can push the knife towards you. All you have to do is cut in a circular fashion like with a can opener!

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