These 2 zodiac signs will soon undergo a huge wave of negativity: it will affect their daily lives

Summer vacation is fast approaching. While some people are getting ready to breathe and enjoy the sun, others are about to experience a period of great torment. Indeed, the Full Moon in Capricorn will not only have positive effects. Two signs of the zodiac will have a hard time staying the course in the days to come. Find out quickly if you are one of them!

During the Full Moon of 13 July, the Sun and the Moon collide causing major changes in the astral sky for many natives of the zodiac. Some will be less privileged than others and will begin a real period of tension and friction. days?

In the days to come, certain signs of the zodiac will be overwhelmed with negative waves. Two profiles in particular will be disadvantaged by the Full Moon of 13 July.


lion chamboulés

Lion – Source: spm

Leo will be strongly affected by the Full Moon of 13 July. During the days to come, he will be on edge. A great physical and emotional fatigue which invades him suddenly, pushes him to react violently to the slightest daily concern. During the next few days, he will mostly try to come into conflict with those close to him. He will then have to submit to a withdrawal phase to understand his recent actions and mood changes. Mars gives him all his support during this phase of introspection so that he can get rid of all these negative waves that prevent him from moving forward. In the family, the Leo will feel neglected and will not hesitate to clarify things with those around him, his partner or his spouse. His well-being then becomes an absolute priority to get out of the troubles that torment him. He could even end a professional relationship that does not bring him anything positive. Confrontations with colleagues at work may occur, which may further upset his mood. Fortunately, the manifestation of the Full Moon will also be beneficial and its efforts will pay off in other areas.


lion chamboulés

Capricorn – Source: spm

During the next few days, Capricorn will be guided by his emotions. He will be confused and will no longer be able to react to this wave of feelings that overwhelms him from within. Known for constantly being there for others, this Earth sign will feel neglected. This feeling of not being considered at his fair value will push him to establish certain limits with others. To heal from this repressed evil, he desperately tries to focus on himself by moving away from his loved ones. In a tense climate, he will engage in a discussion that will not bring the expected results. He will be blamed for his sudden estrangement and mood swings, which will only increase tensions within the family. At work, he will feel an urgent need to succeed. Instead of taking the time to prioritize, he will make bad decisions. Similarly, a pressing urge to make positive changes in your marriage will not be welcomed. Some ideas for improvement could indeed come up against those of other family members or their partner. In order not to create additional friction, he will have to take advantage of the little moments of introspection that he will offer himself to think about his future and the path he wants to take to achieve his personal and professional goals.

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