How to reduce your electricity bills this summer? 5 Secret Tricks That Really Work

The more we accumulate household appliances at home, the more we complain about the amount of the electricity bill, which continues to climb over time. For many people, this energy consumption has become a major problem, both for monthly finances and for the environment. Reducing the flow of electricity has become a daily challenge. However, it is not impossible to save money and preserve the planet at the same time. Want to control your family budget by reducing your electricity bills this summer? Here are five solutions that really work!

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Energy bill – Source: spm

There are two ways to reduce your electricity use in your home: energy conservation and energy efficiency. The first concept is to avoid the use of unnecessary energy. This category includes, in particular, the disconnection of electronic devices when they are not in use: computer, smartphone, tablet, television, Wi-Fi, cables… always remember to unplug them during the night for example.

Energy efficiency aims to improve the energy of the house in an intelligent and optimal way. Thus, the idea being to use less energy while maintaining a certain comfort. For example: instead of turning off the heating, invest in a smart thermostat that automatically adjusts the temperature. Certainly, energy efficiency often has a higher cost than conservation. But all these improvements will help you save money in the long run and therefore limit the amounts on electricity bills.

Now we will introduce you the list of five sensible methods to effectively reduce your electricity bill. By using these tips, you will make significant savings in the long term.

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Replace Air Conditioner Filters – Source: spm

    5 ways to effectively reduce the electricity bill

    What are the secrets to reducing energy bill costs?

    First of all, it is important to carry out an energy audit. So call on a specialist from the company that bills you for electricity, in order to find out in concrete terms the efficiency of your home’s energy consumption.

    Did you know sure that 75 % of the electricity consumption comes from the use of electronic devices? For example, the toaster could consume 487 watts when turned on. If it is disconnected, on the other hand, the consumption would be zero. What is certain, in summer, the most energy-intensive device is none other than the air conditioner! It is still probably one of the biggest energy consumers of any household.

    Find out how you can reduce your energy costs by keeping the house cool without too much solicit the air conditioning, according to By following these 5 tips, you can avoid a huge electricity bill:

    1. Make sure the air conditioner filters are always clean. They also need to be replaced regularly. This will reduce electricity consumption by up to %!
    2. In the morning and in the evening, avoid use air conditioning. When you wake up, close the windows and draw the curtains. In this way, the outside heat will not invade the room. In the evening, when it is cooler, you can open the windows again to regulate the temperature in the house.
    3. Insulate the house in which you live. Pay attention to windows and exterior doors. If there are cracks, no matter how small, warm air will enter the room more easily, while cold air will escape.
    4. To save money, we strongly advise you to use the fan rather than the air conditioner. Electricity costs will be significantly lower!
    5. Install shutters at your windows. These, when fully lowered, can reduce the temperature of a room by as much as 20 %.

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