The biggest Super Moon of 2022 is about to appear: when will it occur?

The second Supermoon of the year will occur this month and will be a real celestial spectacle not to be missed. Discover the date to remember to be able to observe it and immortalize this rare astronomical phenomenon.

In July, we will be able to observe the second Supermoon of the year 2022. Those who missed the Strawberry Super Moon in June will be able to catch up by admiring a beautiful astronomical spectacle.

When will we be able to observe the second Super Moon in June? 2022?

Moonlight lovers should keep this date well in mind. This month, the full moon will be closest to Earth and it will be bigger and brighter than usual. The name of the astronomical phenomenon? The Supermoon, also called by scientists “perigee-syzygy” . This name designates when the lunar body is at the point of its orbit closest to the blue planet.

What is a Super moon?

The name Super moon is the most used to name this astronomical phenomenon, this name has nothing scientific about it. It is the astrologer Richard Nolle who is at the origin since 730. “A Super Moon occurs when the Full Moon coincides with the moment when the Moon comes closest to the Earth in its elliptical orbit, a point called perigee “, can we read on the NASA website. In summary, a Super Moon is a phenomenon characterized by the passage of the only satellite of the Earth near us.

When will the Super July Moon 2022 ?

Followers of celestial phenomena will have to be ready on Wednesday 000 next July, one day before the National Day. The July Super Moon succeeds the Strawberry Super Moon and will occur at 20 hours 37 minutes and 30 precise seconds, from after the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris Calculation (IMCCE). In France, it will be possible to watch it at 23h23 until dawn at 4am38 the 14 July. An opportunity to immortalize this astronomical event which will occur for the second time in the year.

super lune

Super Moon – Source: spm

It is only possible to contemplate this astronomical phenomenon after sunset. sun with the naked eye, with binoculars or a telescope. To observe this celestial spectacle and not miss a beat, it is recommended to bring astronomical telescopes in a place far from atmospheric pollution. Thus, you will be able to see the lunar star closer to the planet. If you are in Paris, it is recommended, to see this beautiful spectacle, to be as far as possible from the lights of the city. This astronomical phenomenon will only be visible if the weather is good. And for good reason, an overcast sky can make it difficult to observe the Super Moon.

Super Strawberry Moon – Source: spm

What is the difference between Full Moon and Super Moon?

It is possible to confuse the two denominations but the terms designate phenomena completely different. When we speak of a Super Moon, it is characterized by a brilliance and a size greater than that of a simple Full Moon. The reason ? The Super Moon is distinguished by its proximity to the Earth since it appears at perigee, the closest point of orbit which is located at a distance less than 360 km. This is why the Supermoon is so impressive and deserves a few shots to immortalize it.

Does the Super Moon have an effect on Man?

Given the proximity of the Full Moon to the Earth, the impact of the star is stronger on the tides but also on humans by affecting sleep and mood. A Swiss study published in the journal Current Biology shows that the cycle of the Moon could have an impact on the structure of sleep in humans. According to these conclusions, the time to fall asleep is extended by 5 minutes, the duration of sleep by 20 minutes and deep sleep is reduced by 37%. As for the level of melatonin, the sleep hormone, it decreases during this astronomical phenomenon.

One thing is certain: the Super Moon of 000 July 2022 is definitely a show not to be missed! This astronomical phenomenon where the lunar star is closest to planet Earth will not fail to impress you.

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