2 Zodiac Signs Will Be Betrayed In July: They Will Live A Time Of Conflict

This Cancer season is not favorable for all zodiac signs. The Sun entered this Water sign from 21 June and it will continue its transit until 23 next July. In addition, Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in the sign of Cancer until 20 July.

These placements in Cancer will bring passive energy into the lives of these zodiac signs . These planets will make them lose all their objectivity. They could drown in their emotions. According to astrologer Pavel Globa, two zodiac signs will feel betrayed in July and will experience a period of conflict.

Which 2 zodiac signs will feel betrayed in July ?

The signs of the zodiac – Source: spm

With the Sun in Cancer, these zodiac signs might feel overwhelmed by all their emotions. Cancer being a very sensitive sign, they could take refuge in memories of the past to escape their reality. To feel safe, the representatives of these signs can lock themselves into a protective shell and reject others. Their emotions will be increased tenfold and will be likely to be more pessimistic than usual. To get out of this protective bubble, these signs must think about a new structure and to set new goals so as not to fall into their traps.


This season of Cancer will not be very favorable to the natives of Leo. They will be carried away by their emotions and will not know how to manage them. They will find it difficult to understand all this emotionality in the face of their oversized ego. The Lions will have to find a new balance so as not to fall into their faults which could harm their objectives. This period under the sign of Cancer will also reveal some unconscious fears in Leos and they may feel betrayed by certain people around them. They will no longer feel like they belong in their group of friends and will feel like they are the center of attention for negative reasons.


The sign of Scorpio – Source: spm

The Russian astrologer believes that Scorpios must learn to take a step back from certain situations during this month of July. With this Cancer season, representatives of this Water sign can feel overwhelmed by certain events at work and by the attitude of some of their colleagues. They might feel betrayed by a colleague who is jealous of their new project. They must remain suspicious and gradually move away from the group in order to isolate themselves. Scorpios will be tempted to change certain relationships in their professional environment and also with people close to them, but they will have to be careful of the low energy of Cancer. Indeed, the sensitivity of this Water sign can take over the emotions of Scorpio and they could lose their footing. Scorpions will have to take stock of their feelings and learn to listen to their emotions so as not to feel overwhelmed by them. Lovers of freedom, they might want to leave everything to live a new adventure in an unknown country in order to find themselves alone.

Here is another sign that can feel betrayed in July according to astrologers


The sign of Capricorn – Source: spm

The Sun in Cancer will disturb the natives of Capricorn. They will be pushed to do some introspection to better understand their emotions. Capricorns, so ambitious, will have to face new difficulties at work and this will turn them upside down during this month of July. This period of change will not be easy for them. They will tend to be nostalgic and to remain stuck in the past so as not to face the realities of the present. This attitude will lead them to move away from their group of friends because they will feel misunderstood. Some of them will also experience a separation with their partner and will meet difficulty moving on. They will feel betrayed by their partner who shows his true face. This Cancer season can influence them negatively because they will be very pessimistic and will feel persecuted by those around them.

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