If you use the oven activate this option that everyone ignores: goodbye big bills

The oven is essential in the kitchen but it is the appliance that consumes the most energy. There are, however, ways to use it while saving money. We present to you the function ignored by most and which is nevertheless useful for reducing your energy bill.

To use this energy-intensive household appliance, it should be used sparingly in order to take account of the problem that concerns us all: the increase in electricity bills. For this, we suggest you pay attention to a function that your oven probably offers.

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Use the convection oven

If your oven has this cooking method, it is particularly useful that you make it a habit. And for good reason, the advantages of this option are numerous.

The fan-assisted heat process is able to cook your dishes evenly while heating them quickly. As a result, energy consumption is lower since the appliance is used for less time than usual.

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Oven setting – Source: spm

In addition, the “fan-assisted heat” function diffuses the heat throughout the oven. This means that you can cook several dishes at the same time. It is therefore best to take advantage of it instead of cooking your dishes one by one.

Thus, this function allows you to consume much less energy while handy if you have more than one dish to prepare and time is limited. To select the mode, press the propeller logo.

Outside the moderate use of your oven’s energy, there are other just as simple actions to apply to lower the bill.

Other methods to effectively reduce the energy consumption of your oven

There are many tips for reducing the energy consumption of the oven. Just make it a habit:

Use the oven during off-peak hours

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By using your electric oven during off-peak hours, you allow yourself to make significant savings. It is even easier to apply this method if you have an oven that will allow you to program your cooking. Also remember to unplug the device if you plan to be away for a few days because standby mode also consumes energy.

  • Moderate the use of your oven
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    A limitation of use can be effective in reducing your electricity bill. Thus, we will think for example of capitalizing on snack recipes that do not need cooking such as tiramisu, lemon curd tartlet or pancakes. Also, if you feel you can use a microwave instead, this is also a good way to moderate oven use. For example, if you want to heat a dish prepared the day before.

    • Avoid oven defrost mode

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    • The ideal is to thaw your preparations before putting them in the oven. Indeed, the defrosting mode of the ovens is particularly energy-intensive. Prefer the convection mode. In addition, the appliance should not be opened while it is in operation to prevent the heat from escaping.

      Maintain the oven

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    340605Oven cleaning – Source: spm

Cleanliness of the oven also contributes to avoiding increased energy consumption. It is therefore important to maintain it so that it is clean inside and out.

Always for the sake of saving energy, it is better to use natural cleaning solutions rather than fall back on automatic cleaning systems: pyrolysis/catalysis. These modes can consume a lot of energy.

Cleaning the oven also contributes to the durability of the appliance while ensuring its good functioning. Do not hesitate to use all the eco-friendly and natural tips to degrease your ovens which involve ingredients such as white vinegar, salt, baking soda or even Marseille soap.

Following these tips can make a considerable difference to your electricity bill. So don’t hesitate to make it a habit!

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