Your phone's battery won't charge? There is a simple trick to correct the problem

If you connect your phone to power and it doesn’t charge well or at all, don’t immediately assume the worst. It could be an issue with the battery, the charger, or the phone itself. But what to do, before drawing the worst conclusions and considering replacing it with a new one?

Breakdowns when recharging a mobile are the most common. They are usually related to the hardware you are using. A charging issue will prevent you from using your device until you fix it. Check out the solutions to this problem which many users are facing especially those who are using older mobiles. Here are some tips to deal with it

Why does a smartphone no longer charge?

Recharging the mobile is an act that almost everyone needs to do at least once a day. But when it doesn’t charge, things can quickly get boring, and it’s even more annoying when it only charges a few times. This means that it is not broken, but that something is probably wrong.

There are several causes for this problem, most of which have simple solutions. If your mobile only charges a few times, it means that the battery is good.

The charging cable does not work or is partially broken

Charging your phone – Source: spm

The most common reason why a smartphone only charges every other time is the charging cable. It may be partially damaged in some areas even if you don’t notice it.

The charger may also be broken

cable chargement cassé

cable chargement cassé

Broken charging cable – Source: spm

This is less common, but also check using another charger. This device usually does not break down and then work. If it’s broken, it won’t work anymore. Trying another charger is an option, although it is usually not the cause of this problem.

The connector Phone USB is dirty

brancher le chargeur

Connect the charger – Source: spm

If you try other cables and still have the same problem, it is the problem may be in the connector. It doesn’t have to be broken, it can only be dirty. It is completely normal for dust and small lint to accumulate inside the connector.

If this dirt accumulates, it is possible that it does not allow, sometimes, to charge your phone. The solution is also simple, you must take an object with a fine point (a toothpick for example). Do not use a metal object, as you will damage your device.

Clean the connector and make sure that there is no dirt left. It is best to turn off the device when cleaning.

Your connector may be broken

If no cable is charging and you have thoroughly cleaned the connector, the problem is in the USB connector, it is probably broken. In this case, you cannot do anything. You must repair it at a repair shop who will usually charge you little for this repair.

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