Which side of the aluminum foil should I put the food on? The mistake you always make

You have probably already noticed that aluminum foil has two different sides. It is composed of a matte face and a shiny one. This kitchen tool is very useful in everyday life. It is used to cover and preserve food after cooking or to pack preparations to take away. The way to use aluminum foil is not always unanimous. Some think to use the matte part inside to wrap the food and the shiny part outside. Others think the opposite.

No matter how aluminum foil is used, there is a simple and effective solution to using aluminum foil.

Which side should the aluminum foil be used on?

Du papier aluminium

Aluminum foil. Source: spm

The two sides of aluminum sheets are often debated and depending on your use, these two sides can be useful. It doesn’t matter if you want to cover or store food, you’ll find that aluminum foil was not made that way by accident. Indeed, if you use aluminum foil to store the remains of your food in the fridge or to keep the softness of your cookies after baking, the side you choose will not affect the preservation of your food.

Une face de papier aluminium

One side of aluminum foil. Source: spm

It is often explained that the matte side must be in contact with food. However, it doesn’t matter and you won’t waste any more time when you use aluminum foil for food preservation. Indeed, this difference is caused by the manufacturing process of the aluminum foil. The latter being very thin and fragile, the aluminum sheets are superimposed in pairs so that they do not tear . It is the friction of the two faces which creates naturally this matte effect on the aluminum foil. The outer faces are then in contact with the rolls of the rolling mill which causes this shiny effect on contact. This difference therefore has no impact on the use of aluminum foil in the kitchen.

Furthermore, if you choose to use them for baking, it should be noted that aluminium, which cannot withstand heat, could transfer toxic particles to the food, as specified by Philippe Pouillart, teacher-researcher in culinary practice and health for the newspaper madame FIGARO. However, the researchers did not consider the amount of emission alarming and dangerous for health and this toxicity by aluminum foil is the subject of several debates, everything depends on the doses and the mode of exposure, as explained in the newspaper Liberation. Still, its use in the oven should be occasional. Parchment paper could be an alternative to aluminum foil to reduce the risk.

Aluminum foil can be used to keep your food moist. For example, if you are baking biscuits, for good conservation, you can cover them with aluminum foil so that they do not dry out.

You can use aluminum foil to shine your pans. Line the bottom of a pan with aluminum foil and add a few teaspoons of salt. Add cold water and soak your cookware for five minutes. After letting it rest, wash your silverware and let it dry. It will look new again like the first day its use.

Aluminum foil can help you sharpen your kitchen knives and scissors. Also, you can clean your iron with aluminum foil. To do this, put an aluminum foil on your ironing board with coarse salt and go back and forth with your iron.

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