Why should a raw potato be placed in the refrigerator? You will get rid of a big problem

The refrigerator is an essential device for the proper preservation of foodstuffs. It stores all kinds of daily foods such as fish, cheese and some ready meals. When opening the fridge, it can happen that a bad smell emerges and this can be unpleasant on a daily basis. To remedy this, discover this trick with potatoes.

We no longer know which way to go to eradicate bad odors in the refrigerator. A grandmother’s trick has proven itself to overcome this inconvenience. It consists of using a raw potato, a starchy vegetable that produces an incredible effect. Here’s how to do it.

What happens when you put a raw potato in the fridge?

It seems like the potato is a solution to one of the common fridge problems. But before trying this trick, first start by emptying the fridge, cleaning it with white vinegar and putting all the food in airtight boxes.

– Place a potato in the fridge to eliminate bad smells

Pommes de terre pelees 2

Pommes de terre pelees 2

Peeled potatoes – Source: spm

Sometimes some unpleasant odors may be released from the refrigerator. This is mainly due to the foods that are stored there on a daily basis. To remedy this, half a peeled and raw potato can be placed in a cup inside the fridge to neutralize bad odors. Leave to act for a few days in order to take advantage of its undeniable absorbent power. Do not hesitate to regularly replace this vegetable to prolong its effectiveness or coat it with lemon juice to avoid that it does not oxidize.

Other tips for eliminating odors from food in the refrigerator

The fridge can contain all sorts of odors which are not always pleasant to smell. Fortunately, some tricks can neutralize them quickly. Of course, these must be preceded by a thorough cleaning to prevent bad odors and the appearance of mould.

– White vinegar eliminates strong refrigerator odors

White vinegar is known for its cleaning and disinfecting properties. In addition to the aforementioned effects, it can drive out stubborn odors such as those of cheese or fish. Just fill a bowl with white vinegar and place it in the bottom of the refrigerator. However, it should be replaced every two weeks.

– Baking soda removes refrigerator odors

Bicarbonate de soude dans le refrigerateurPommes de terre pelees 2

Baking soda in the fridge – Source: spm

Like the potato, this natural product is very effective in eliminating odors that settle in the refrigerator. To do this, pour 4 tablespoons of baking soda into a small container. Add a few drops of citrus or peppermint essential oil. Unlike white vinegar which leaves a strong odor, this mixture will not only neutralize odors but also diffuse a pleasant scent inside the appliance.

– The cat litter absorbs bad odors from the refrigerator

This is probably not the first thing you think of to deodorize your refrigerator, but cat litter can also be used to retain bad smells from the refrigerator. Rest assured, you will only need a small handful of clean litter. Place it in a cup inside the fridge and let it act for a few days. This unusual solution is useful for neutralizing and absorbing all unpleasant odors from the fridge.

– Green clay eliminates refrigerator odors


Green clay – Source: spm

Apart from its many benefits on the skin, green clay has real deodorizing powers. By placing it in a container, it naturally eliminates odors from the fridge and neutralizes all the unpleasant scents that persist inside the appliance. Do not hesitate to replace the clay after a few days to prolong its effect.

– Oats are good for removing bad odors from the refrigerator

Oat bran absorbs and retains odors for a long time. To take advantage of its deodorizing effect, simply fill a small container and place it in the fridge. The container will nevertheless have to be replaced every two weeks. This trick is comparable to that of activated charcoal which absorbs odors from the fridge.

You will have understood it, the raw potato has a real absorbing power. It is one of the essential ingredients used to eliminate bad odors from the refrigerator.

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