Why add salt to coffee? A little known but useful trick

If you are a big fan of coffee, whether black, long or strong, there are different ways to enjoy this drink. Whether you consume it in the morning or at noon, coffee helps stimulate your nervous system to boost your energy during the day. Some like to drink it hot with sugar, others prefer natural wood for its bitter taste.

Sweetening your coffee can be a daily habit to reduce the bitterness of this hot drink, however it can also distort the flavor. After learning this trick, you will enjoy the authentic taste of coffee more.

What is this trick to use when drinking coffee?

Coffee – Source: spm

Discover this trick that will allow you to rediscover the authentic taste of coffee. Even if the latter depends on its appearance, its smell and its texture, it can be savored in another way with this natural method.

– Put a hint of salt in the coffee to lessen its bitterness

You can add sugar to your coffee or even milk to match the taste you are looking for and to reduce its bitterness. But although this idea is original, you can also add a pinch of salt to your coffee to reduce the bitterness. Coffee beans contain acids which are modified during roasting and this is what will add the bitter taste to the coffee. By adding salt to your coffee, the salt receptors in your palate increase the sweet flavors in your taste and block out the bitter aroma of coffee. In addition to enhancing the taste of coffee, salt reduces cravings and the need for sugar, which will prevent you from adding an extra dose to your coffee. In addition, the salt will open your taste buds to feel the authentic taste of coffee. This pinch of salt also allows you to notice all the nuances of the coffee beans.

Furthermore, after having tasted and discovered all the flavors of your coffee, do not throw away your coffee grounds. coffee but recycle it.

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Coffee grounds – Source : spm

Do not throw away your coffee grounds because it turns out to be a real natural household product for your home. In addition to being economical and ecological, coffee grounds have properties that will make your home shine.

– Eliminate bad odors from your home with coffee grounds

Coffee grounds absorb bad odors from your home. To use its benefits, put a little coffee grounds in a small jar and place it in the refrigerator to reduce lingering smells of food, the bottom of your trash can to reduce waste odors or your shoe closet.

– Degrease your kitchen utensils with your coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are a powerful degreaser that you can use in your kitchen. You can recycle it to degrease your pans and other cookware. For this, mix in a bowl, three spoons of coffee grounds with a little warm water, then dip a sponge in the solution. Then, scrub your cooking utensils encrusted with grease as well as the cooking plates. Coffee grounds remove the most stubborn stains thanks to their degreasing power.

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