Why Zodiac Signs Lie and How They Do It

Lying is not always intended to hurt the other, but in wanting to hide the truth, the consequences can be unfortunate and cause great damage. Discover the reasons that push the signs of the zodiac to lie and how they go about it.

Among the reasons that push an individual to lie, we can find the fear of hurting the another by revealing a truth to him. It also happens that we want to protect ourselves from a person’s anger, that we want to obtain an additional time for filing a case or that we want to justify a delay that cannot be justified.

The reasons why the signs of the zodiac lie

According to astrologers, the date of birth of an individual can influence his personality and his way of behaving with his peers. Lying is sometimes used as a defense mechanism or a way to protect those around you. There are various reasons why people lie.

  1. Aries

Impulsive, Aries don’t hesitate not to lie. By evading the question or by omitting certain details of a truth, they manage to distance their interlocutor from the truth while having uttered no lie. By lying, Aries will ensure that their story is as meticulous as possible and rich in detail. He will not hesitate to repeat his scenario so that it is perfectly put together and impossible to question.

  • Bull

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    Taurus – Source: spm

    Pragmatic and direct, the natives of the sign of Taurus are believed in their exchanges with their interlocutors. Not hesitating to fall out with those around him, Taurus refuses to lie and prefers to be honest no matter the situation. However, he can opt for lying by omission if it is necessary for him. He will simply make sure not to get involved to avoid jeopardizing his relationship with the other.

    1. Gemini

    Liars par excellence, Geminis have elevated lying to the status of an art. Faced with their words full of conviction, it is difficult for their interlocutor to disentangle the true from the false.

    Geminis also use lies to ease tensions and maintain peace in the world. within their entourage.

    1. Cancer

    Like Taurus, Cancer refuses to lie and makes it their mission to always be honest with their interlocutors. However, when the situation requires it, he will opt for a light lie which he describes as innocent and harmless. And when the latter lies, he will find it difficult to look his audience in the eye for fear that his gaze will betray him.

    1. Lion

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            Leo – Source: spm

    Leo is also an outstanding liar. He evades questions and remains vague when the subject displeases him or makes him uncomfortable. Ask a Lion for clarification on a topic that interests you. If the latter refuses to answer it, he could compliment your hairstyle or your way of handling a situation.

    1. Virgin

    Kind, benevolent and anxious to make peace reign among their acquaintances, natives of the sign of Virgo will tend to lie about small details but which can have a major impact. They will prevent you from confronting an individual who wishes you harm by failing to convey an insulting discussion towards you. The Virgin is watching over you.

    1. Balance

    Not wishing to hurt anyone, Libra will lie if it seems necessary. She believes that all the truth is not always good to say if we want to maintain peace and protect the feelings of all.

    1. Scorpio

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    Scorpio – Source: spm

      Determined and mischievous, the Scorpion will lie if it allows him to achieve a specific goal. For him, the end justifies the means. He will not hesitate to lead his world with the stick and to juggle with the truth to achieve his ends.

      1. Sagittarius

      The honesty of Sagittarius is known and knows no bounds as a rule. Devoid of tact and filter, Sagittarius refuses to lie but if it proves necessary, he will tend to embellish a situation. Thus Sagittarius will evoke the meeting with his half in a more romantic way than it was in reality.

      1. Capricorn

      Anxious to guarantee the well-being of those around him, Capricorn lies but for their good . He will lie, for example, to his children and will use stratagems to get them to take medicine.

      1. Aquarius

      Aquarius hates lying and their face is an open book to anyone who wants to know what they are thinking. When necessary, Aquarius will lie but remain as vague as possible and give very few details. He often answers one question with another.

      1. Pisces

      Pisces are good at lying and making every detail of their stories believable. They can tell what they want, you will be convinced and persuaded of the veracity of these details.

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